Saturday, November 24, 2007

Update: Career makers in Second Life (part 2)

Yesterday evening I visited the store of PatrickHufschmid on Second Life. I just wanted to have a quick look, but did not expect that Patrick Hufschmid himself would be there actually. This was of course the ideal opportunity to know what he is doing in SL.
In his store in SL, he creates originals, which he can make later as an exact copy of those guitars in RL. Some of them are limited editions, scripted with rooth prims. It is amazing what he does with his guitars, not only in RL, but in SL as well.
I was lucky yesterday, as he had taken a day off in RL to update his guitars in SL, and so I was the first one to see his latest project in SL, also a limited edition, a "waterguitar", scripted of course.
After I said that I had published an article about him on my blog, he started to explain, with the exact copy of his handmade built guitar of "After Forever", how and what these guitars could do in SL. How you can play them, how you can test them.
This original is only recently available in SL, and he gave me a link to a website where an article was written about this SL guitar.
"Patrick decided to give After Forever some Second Life promotion, and it's awesome to see that it actually works out, I think he's one of the first guitar builders to do it in this unique way. He's created an After Forever guitar that you can actually buy and use for your second life character."said Sander Gommans, After Forever guitarist.

By visiting PatrckHufschmid's store in Second Life, you get a "Funny Guitar" for free with his signature.
We played a bit around with the guitars, and I tested the features in this "Funny Guitar". A real "must have" for a laughter at parties!
And finally he let me play his piano in SL, the HufPaull.

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