Sunday, November 25, 2007

Winter at "Doornroosje"

Despite the lower traffic at Second life's Doornroosje, the seasons are not standing still. Eagle may have found another spot to build a wonderful castle, with lots of surprises, until further notice, Doornroosje is a place where we all have nice thoughts about. As already known, the months in Second Life seems in fact as years, and we all regret that the former "Roosjes"group has split, for many reasons, but they all are still present in SL. We hope sincerely that once Eagle's castle is built, we all get together again like in the old days, and have some fun. Sorry........not some fun, but a lot of fun. There are already some of us, who can actually confirm, that the new place has everything that it takes to make Eagle's nest to a friends gathering place, where we all can do what we please to have fun.
In the meanwhile we see the snow falling at Doornroosje, a Christmas tree is standing in all it's glory, the first present already waiting under the tree.
For a lot of us, and I think for all of us from the "Roosjes' group, it will be the first Christmas in Second Life.

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