Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Second Life Bloggerparty December 16th

Last Sunday, the blogger party for December was held at the Royal Caledon Air Force, while Zoe Connolly and Lady Whoop-Ass/Flight LT Diamanda "Cuckoo" Gustafson were our host.

While more than 55.000 residents were online, the second life bloggers were trying to reach the party, and once arrived at the spot, stay there without crashing.

As Zippora already stated yesterday in one of my posts, it was not easy, to dance, to chat, and most of all to stay online without crashing. It does not need much explanation why I do not have more snapshots this time. Every time I had a nice view, and pushed the button, my view changed, and I could start all over again, struggling against the lag.

It is good to know that Second Life’s popularity is growing, but it is certainly not more fun. On the contrary, as I wrote in a previous post.

The set up for this party was beautiful, with the planes in the background, dancing on the ice, music from the 40’s. Everything was there to make it a great last bloggerparty of 2007. Only, the Linden servers wouldn’t cooperate.;)

Nevertheless, we are grateful to Zoe, for having us there at Caledon, and making it a hell of a party.

Best wishes to all of you colleague bloggers, and see you at the next blogger party in 2008.(February?)

Look at my flickrsite for the other pics.

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Raul Crimson said...

Best wishes for you too, mister. Was a pleasure to see you there!