Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Some days ago, I was looking for a nice place where I could take some snapshots to post process, because I hadn't posted on flickr for a few days. As I think it is important to post on a regular base, I needed some fresh pictures. Surfin' my way through the flickr streams, I stumbled on a place called "Athan". I saw some potential in what I saw, but could not think, at that point, what I was going to do if I had pictures from that sim.
I typed the name "Athan" in "search", and found the slurl of this place. They did not mention however, that you were supposed to wear swimming trousers, as I landed under water.;)
I decided to fly over the sim with my camera, without changing from spot.

This island has great potential for a photographer like me, and I took several shots, with different sky settings.(thanks to Torley's windlight settings.;))
After being occupied for several minutes taking pictures, I saw in the "castle" some white trees, and wanted to take a closer look. Two big mirrors were placed between the trees, which were in fact vendors for a male and female skin of an ice elf. Really wonderful for those who are looking for fairytale characters.
It took several hours to determine what I should do with the pictures. Trying different things out, I made the first ones with a yellow/sepia look, but, as I kept on trying different effects, I found a way to have a stormy, red colored sky, with some yellow lightning in it.
I post this, because I think this sim is certainly a "must " for all who want to take landscape snapshots inworld.
You will be able to find my pictures on my flickr stream, and if you like to visit the place, you can follow this link.

X-mas on Mars

I am honored to see that one of my pictures is being used as a New Year's card in RL. Vint Falken asked me some time ago to use my "X-mas on Mars" picture, and I could not refuse of course. Although it is a pleasure for me to work on images taken inworld, I am pleased to see, as any other photographer is, that some of the pictures I processed are being commented on flickr. When a picture is chosen to use in RL, and on the web, by someone who can easily make a piece of her own, it is really a great honor. TY Vint!!;)

Saturday, December 20, 2008



SECONDLIFE: HALO GUITARS, DECEMBER 19, 2008 – A major step forward in the music merchandise industry in Secondlife began this morning with the release of the OCTAVIA 8 string guitar from HALO Guitars. Brought into Secondlife through an officially licensed partnership with Hufschmid Guitars, the OCTAVIA is the first of many models from HALO Guitars to be sold in-world at the Hufschmid Guitar shop located at

The OCTAVIA 8 String is an exact replica of the real HALO model. Hours of design and development went into bringing this guitar into Secondlife. No detail was overlooked including its physical size, which is to scale. The deep black color and slightly beveled edge around the shape gives it a more three dimensional look and is fully prim constructed. OCTAVIA’S classic, yet aggressive look is what any star rocker and entry-level axe slinger would call a must-play in their virtual shows.

HALO’s OCTAVIA comes with all the playable features, custom animations (23), sounds and effects that you get in Hufschmid guitars. Even the HALO guitar case the OCTAVIA comes in was custom designed and made to look real and professional. The case can be worn on the back just like the guitar.

HALO Guitars in Houston TX has over 200 professional musicians and groups playing their guitars. HALO began in 1999, with two friends (Waylon Ford & Belinda Lee) in a dimly lit studio while reading over some guitar magazines. The common subject at hand centered on how drastically guitar prices had inflated to the general public. From that moment, the wheels were set in motion and a new company formed with the intent to create guitars both built solid and priced correctly… a company that would not be attacked by the Green-Eyed Monster known as Greed. The new millennium brought forth HALO Guitars – a company that provides instruments for musicians that are BUILT BY MUSICIANS and PRICED FOR MUSICIANS ®.

HALO Guitars delivers handcrafted instruments with high-performance parts, pure playability, unyielding tone, and an amazing visual style. HALO has continued to evolve year-after-year, offering The Demon Series, Hand-Carved & Art Series, The Select Edition, and the availability of EVERY model built in a 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 string extended-range version.

HALO is here for musicians and maintains an open mind for anything new that is requested. This is true in real and Secondlife as Waylon Ford is in-world as Waylon Krokus.

Hufschmid Guitars in Montreux, Waadt, Switzerland is owned and operated by Patrick Hufschmid whose passion with the guitar began when he was in his early teens. He started in music very early and spent most of his time as a child playing the piano and later, the violin. After many years of practice on the guitar Hufschmid realized that to be totally satisfied he needed to create his own designs and instruments.

Hufschmid’s aim is to bring the maximum possibilities (range, ergonomics, comfort, intonation, sound quality, sustain, etc) to the player. Specializing in baritone guitars, Hufschmid firmly believes the guitar is at its best with the added richness of at least a seventh string. He also makes eight and nine stringed instruments.

As a player himself, he is well aware of the ingredients necessary for the guitar and player to excel. This is also true in Second life as Patrick Hufschmid is in-world Patrick Hufschmid Beaumont.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mami Jewell Grand Opening for Azul‏

Press release:

Join us December 21, Sunday, for the highly anticipated Grand Opening of Mami Jewell's Azul designer clothing store. There will be special offers for visitors who attend the Grand Opening, so you definitely do not want to miss this! The special offers will give customers a chance to purchase a few beautiful pieces for some great prices, those offers will begin 12/21 5am SLT-12/23 5am SLT. Mami Jewell graduates from working with edo Tone, owner of the very well known clothing line Styles of edo. Five months ago the famous edo Tone had taken Mami beneath his wing to teach her the fashion industry. With edo's expert teachings Mami has taken her talented designing skills to the next level and is ready to now take SL by storm with her very own clothing line Azul.

Mami has already made a wonderful name for herself within the fashion community due to her classy, beautifully detailed, and creatively designed dresses that have a flair which sets her apart from other SL designers. Mami Jewell is the awesome designer who made the gorgeous dress that this year's winning Miss Virtual World 2009 (Mimmi Boa) wore. Both Mami and edo feel it is time for Mami to go independent again with her own clothing line and that her time with Styles of edo has been a learning experience that each will cherish and are glad to have shared together. Even though Mami is seperating from Styles of edo they will continue to have fashion shows together for both name brands and continue to be friends. This is not an ending but a new beginning for the friendship that began five months ago and was built on a love for fashion.

Date: 21 December 2008 (Sunday)
Venue: Joia Azul (129,129,25) Slurl:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Role Magazine's first photo contest!!

ROLE Magazine is hosting it's very first flickr photo contest!

ROLE Magazine Flickr Group:

Contest Theme: Reading ROLE Magazine

Contest Dates: December 14th - January 15th

*Winner to be announced / displayed in the February issue of ROLE Magazine, on or about February 1st 2009.

What we want you to do:

Show us where and how you read ROLE Magazine. In bed? Under a tree? On the beach? However you do it, we wanna see!

Prize: 10,000L$

**As a special thank you to all of our in-world kiosk locations, for displaying a ROLE Magazine kiosk; we will be randomly drawing for 2 FREE full page ads for the February issue.** (If you would like to display a ROLE Magazine Kiosk, and be automatically entered to win the free ad, you can get you kiosk at onrez - -, or in world at Role Magazine, Concetta .


1. In the description of your entry include:

Your Second Life avatar name:



2. Post processing is allowed and encouraged.

3. ROLE Magazine must be visible in image (opened or closed).

4. Submit all your pictures to the ROLE Magazine flickr group. (

In joining this group, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed in the rules. The committee has picture veto power if the photo is inappropriate in any way. ROLE Magazine has the right to reproduce, edit and use submitted images.

KIOSK LOCATIONS: To get a copy of ROLE Magazine, please teleport to one of the in-world ROLE Magazine kiosk locations. List of locations -

For any questions drop a notecard in the mailbox next to the entrance at ROLE Magazine HQ and we will get back to you.

Role Magazine, Concetta

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The NEW Avatrait Gallery

Last Saturday was the opening of the new Avatrait Gallery. And apparently there were more people interested in seeing the magnificent builds of Prad Prathivi and Corbett Howard. But they came not only to see the builds of course.
35 Artists have made serious efforts to make a wonderful piece for this opening. All the works are displayed next to each other in a big circle.
I think it was a great success, with fireworks and a dance party afterwards. The fireworks were really special. I did not see anything like it before in Second Life.
So, the December show is an honor to all Avatrait artists, and a great start for this new gallery, which is expanding and being known in RL too!

From 2009, the Avatrait Gallery will try to show two artists per month, instead of one. The gallery is now big enough to display two shows and give the opportunity to its artists to be part of an event that will always have a special place in the history of their SL lives, and in the annexes of the gallery.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The new "Role Magazine" is out !!!!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

"Role Magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to highlighting the many facets of Second Life™ and to showcase the most interesting people, places and things in a high quality magazine production.

Role Magazine covers fashion news, specific designers and trends as well as artists, entertainment, subcultures, literary and technical aspects of the daily Second Life™.
Role Magazine is produced in Second Life™ and published in-world as well as on our webpage."

A new magazine is born, and I am proud to write for them, as the first issue is really a hit, with a variety of articles as their introduction says. Every avatar will find at least one article of his interest. The quality of this issue is beyond the normal magazines we have seen so far inworld.
I know, I have said that before...of the Twilight magazine, but this one has certainly the same level of quality and even offers you more with the different articles.
As I was asked only at the very last minute to write for this magazine, it was also a big surprise for me to see the result.
I am already anxious to see what next issue will bring us...;)

You can find the magazine in world or on the website with this link.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Press release

Evanston, IL – 11/26/2008 – AVATRAIT Gallery, the leading advocate of the emerging genre of “Digital Impressionist” art from the virtual world of Second Life, after a series of sold-out art showings at its old home on parent company Simuality’s island, is excited to announce the grand opening event at their new dedicated sim,

This is a special showing, reflecting the full range of the Avatrait Gallery artists, something of a live staging of the recent full-color hardcover book release, “AVATRAIT: From Second Life To Florence”, which was produced to commemorate Avatrait’s participation in this fall’s Festival della Creatività event in Florence, Italy, as well as the on-going Rinascimento Virtuale exhibit focusing on the art of virtual worlds.

The new Island feature a brand new, much larger gallery, as well as a Machinima theater, a lecture/classroom pavilion, and artists’ store, all in a dramatic aerial setting. The new sim has been the product of the vision of the Avatrait Board, and the much appreciated hard work of artist/builders Prad Prathivi and Corbett Howard bringing that vision to a virtual reality.

The Avatrait Gallery has long been one of the leading art attractions (and a permanent Arts & Culture “hot spot” venue listing) in Second Life, and the expansion into its own dedicated island will only make it more popular with virtual art lovers. The grand opening festivities kick
off Saturday, November 29th, at 1pm SLT (UTC -8) and will be featuring a top S.L. DJ, and a fireworks show at the new location.

Avatrait is on the web at, the Avatrait Gallery can be found in Second Life at The book “AVATRAIT: From Second Life to Florence” (ISBN 978-1-57353-300-3), a 108-page, 8.25x10.5"-format hardcover book with full-color graphics throughout, is available at

Monday, November 24, 2008

Avatrait Gallery Presents: The artist of Avatrait.

picture by Ryker Beck

We will be opening a new Gallery on our own dedicated Sim for Avatrait. Prad Prathivi and Corbett Howard have been working very hard on this new build and surrounding buildings that will house our training facility, Machinima theater, and artist store. This show is dedicated to the artist of the gallery, the trip that Avatrait Gallery made to Florence and the book that was a result of that effort. We want to thank all of the artist and the patrons for their efforts and their support over the last year and a half. We are pleased to announce the DJ for the after party: Ketsy (Jhuzen Ketsugo). . Also we have acquired for your viewing pleasure the talented Mariann McCann to shoot off an awesome array of fireworks. This is an opening not to be missed! So put down those after Thanksgiving shopping bags...take a break from the relatives and come party with some of the best sl artist on the grid!! Landmark to follow on opening day!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Join us November 27, Thursday, for the third recruiting job fair event for GAX Technologies. This time Working Worlds will have some of the biggest employers in Europe present and they will be interviewing candidates in their virtual offices. GAX Technologies has made its mark in Second Life with their hugely successful in-world Career Fairs. Every six months the Working Worlds/ GAX Technologies Career Fair is held and each fair has been larger than it's predecessor, thus making the sky the limit for the Working Worlds Career Fairs. To help job hunters learn more about the fair and how it will benefit them there will be conferences and e-learning sessions at the Working Worlds location in-world. Working Worlds offers everything possible to help ensure the success of the job seekers.
This months career fair is off to an exciting start with 3,500 candidates from all over Europe who have submitted their CVs online. In order to participate as a career seeker go to the Working Worlds' website and register your CV it's a very easy process and gets you well on your way to finding not just another job but to finding a career in the field of your dreams. The fair that was held May 2008 brought 2,900 visitors, 2,767 candidates who filed their CVs and 600 official interviews that took place. The previous one before that brought 2,000 visitors, 1,500 candidates who registered their CVs and 300 interviews that took place. As you can see the difference in the numbers between the first and second events were astounding. The amount of candidates grew immensely and the amount of interviews doubled.

Cornelia den Hartog, Managing Director of 'GAX Technologies' and organizer of the Career Fairs is entirely convinced; 'The need for companies to attract new profiles from beyond the territorial limits is becoming more and more important. 'The 'Working Worlds' Career Fairs are in itself the most efficient solutions currently available to these companies without having to deploy significant resources. Our partners will be directly in touch with candidates who will not have to travel, but who may meet their future employer "Live" on Second Life'.

The Working Worlds sim gives a career seeker the opportunity to do something they cannot do outside of a virtual world. One can get up out of bed, walk over to the computer, and be interviewed without having to change clothing or pay travel expenses to interview with recruiters from prestigious companies for a job that he/she is qualified for. Having such a recruitment tool like a career fair in Second Life definitely makes the impossible seem possible and places the world of opportunities at a career seeker's fingertips. As we have stated before, it really does not get any easier than this and the results can be just as rewarding for both the employer and the job seeking employee. Come down and discover a creative, fulfilling, and exciting world of opportunities. There is opportunity for everyone, you are invited to come and find that career you have always wanted it is just a teleport away. You have had jobs now come find your career!

Date: 27 November 2008 (Thursday)
Time: 1am-12noon SLT
Venue: Grand Ducale 128,96,22

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Evanston, IL – 10/27/2008 –

AVATRAIT, the leading advocate of the emerging genre of “Digital Impressionist” art from the virtual world of Second Life, is very pleased to announce the release of the first title from their publishing division, AVATRAIT: From Second Life To Florence. Produced to commemorate Avatrait’s participation in the recent Festival della Creatività event in Florence, Italy, as well as the on-going Rinascimento Virtuale exhibit focusing on the art of virtual worlds, this book serves as an introduction to this new form of art.

The Avatrait Gallery is one of the leading art attractions (and a permanent Arts & Culture “hot spot” venue listing) in Second Life, and features some of the most talented visionary artists working in the digital formats of that virtual world. The book presents art from 47 of the Avatrait Gallery artists, along with personal statements of each about their art. In addition there are three essays, Second Life founder Philip Rosedale discussing creativity and identity in the metaverse, Avatrait founder Greg Houston addressing art in the context of the virtual environment, and art professor Mario Gerosa detailing the emergence of “Digital Impressionism” as a new genre in the world of art.

AVATRAIT: From Second Life To Florence
(ISBN 978-1-57353-300-3) is a 108-page, 8.25x10.5"-format hard-cover book, featuring full-color graphics throughout. It is available through direct order from

Avatrait is on the web at, the Avatrait Gallery can be found in Second Life at, and the book, AVATRAIT: From Second Life to Florence, is available at Second Life is a virtual world created by Linden Lab of San Francisco, CA, and is at

LL, Are you serious?

You have already heard about the new policy of LL, about openspace pricing. It must be a joke, but as we experienced in the past, LL never make jokes. It is always serious business. We learn them how to improve their "game", and what do we get in return? Increased costs, because after advertising to use openspace sims, they now think there is too much traffic, so the owners need to pay more. How ridiculous.

"So Openspaces have been incredibly popular as a perk for estate owners, but sadly there is a twist. Unfortunately most of the Openspaces are being used for much more than light use. Based on analysis performed in August and September, Openspaces are being used about twice as much as we expected, in other words being loaded with double the content/avatar load than we’d expect for a region that is supposed to be light use."

It has no use to explain on this blog whether it is justified or not, but as we already know for a long time, LL pulls the strings and we are the puppets. If you don't like it, leave this virtual world and look for another one. That is the message we get.

You can also read a reaction on RightAsRain Rimbaud's blog.

Reading the reactions, some agree , some don't. I will post some of them to give you an idea.

"I understand the reasons for doing this, and I actually support the change. However, I am concerned about the slashing of the edu discount at the same time. Given that a campus is someplace that is more likely to necessitate openspace (and even the proper use thereof) to establish mirroring of RL/SL environs to facilitate initial acceptance and bridging, this effective 214% setup jump and 333% maintenance jump is a difficult thing to justify on the meager academic budgets we have.
At this point, it almost becomes pointless to have edu openspaces, and I feel this is limiting edu expansion in secondlife unduly (or perhaps I should say, disproportionately), given that edu is a key constituent of your userbase.
Respectfully submitted for your consideration,

Kyle Thorn
Second Life Coordinator
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy"

"First - this is not about abuse, that was just a lie to try to distract you from the real reason for the price increase - Gree.
Second - ranting about LL is going to lose customers - that's silly. They don't care about individuals. they're aiming at corporate users now that their proof-of-concept has worked.
Third - ranting at all is a waste of time. Decisions were already made. This was not a request for comments but an announcement of what is going to happen.
Fourth - yelling at the Linden sock-puppets does nothing but increase the personal abuse level. Personal abuse is always a bad thing.
I'm having my landowner convert my sim - which is a forest, as suggested usage - to a full sim. I like the people inside SL a great deal and I am not going to screw up friendships just because LL doesn't respect its users. I would love to rant and rave and claim LL is going to kill itself with this decision, but in reality they are going to line their pockets with a bit more money and business will go on as usual.
stop thinking you are important to LL. You aren't. - Lissa Fimicoloud"

" Quote:
Originally Posted by Vryl Valkyrie
I know exactly what you are referring to and furthermore this is more than just about end users. This illegal decision effects us all. Most of the Open Space sims are rented to third parties from end users. Of course land must be rented for a profit. Trust me, without commerce, Second Life is dead. It does not take a rocket scientist to read the writing on the wall here. That's ok.. let's see how they feel about Class Action Law Suit. Now time to mute you because a good friend of mine, Obscuo Valkyrie told me a very long time ago, "don't feed the trolls" ..
What makes this illegal?
The cost of a 12 pack of coke went from $2.50 to $4.20, was that illegal?
The cost of gas went from $2.00 to $4.00, was that illegal?
The cost of a bus pass went up.
The cost of a movie tick went up.
The cost of a newspaper went up.
My utility bill went up, my cable bill went up, my internet bill went up, my phone service bill went up.
Prices increases, the costs of doing business increases, how is this any different? A virtual world is still run by a very real company that is affected by very real economics. Did they ever guarantee that their rates would stay the same forever?- Jenika Connolly."

It is clear that some are "misusing" the sims, and that the others have to pay the bill, but the question is if LL will get what they are aiming for. The future will tell.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


(and the Opening of Fog Terrace Dark Psy Trance Club featuring a 24 hour Masquerade Party for the opening)

Come join us for the highly anticipated Grand ReOpening of Cienega Soon's Castle Valeriya Artist Gallery. The gallery will officially reopen October 24th and will be a sight to behold. Cienega is well known for her vivid and lively art which brings fourth various emotions while being viewed. Cienega's art captures the attention of the viewer and draws them in making them want to know or learn more about each piece of art they are viewing. Her art has an edge and an appeal which reaches out to both the art connoisseur and to those that simply enjoy visually appealing art. This will also be the opening for Fog Terrace which will feature guest DJ's that will play Dark Psy Trance Music. The Fog Terrace is sure to quickly become a hit to those who love Dark Psy Trance and are looking for an awesome atmosphere to enjoy that in. A 24 hr Masquerade Party will begin at 6pm SLT, this will feature 12 Dj's who will fill the Fog Terrace with Psy, Goa, and Trance mixes for a solid 24 hours.

Cienega's Second Life® awards and accomplishments include: being a guest judge for the "Photomania Contest" held at the City of The Arts on Hyacinth Island, speaking at the Photo Institute which is Second Life's premier school for studying photography, winning both the Koinup® Exotic Contest and the Slartist IDOL contest. She was an exhibiting artist for SL5B. Cienega also placed as top 20 finalist out of 400 entries in the Stiletto Moody "Picture Your Moods" photo contest. For the opening of The ARTist's Park Cienega had a piece of original art that was displayed. In 2006 Avatrait presented Cienega Soon for the month of December and she is now one of their galleried Artists in their real life gallery just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Cienega is not just a talented artist in Second Life® she is also an artist in real life. Cienega's real life artwork uses many mediums such as oils, acrylics, sculpting with metal and wood, soft leather and feather mixed with glass and her stained glass work. Cienega has only displayed a few of her real life artworks in Second Life® because she believes that the beauty of Second Life® should be celebrated in its environment without real life artworks being present and hanging around in an unnatural view. Cienega Soon has been selected as one of the artists for the real life exhibition Rinascimento Virtuale (Virtual Renaissance) which will open at the Museum of Natural History of Florence, Italy. October 21, 2008-January 7, 2009.

Her artistic talents are just as original as her name and anyone who knows of her gifted skill will tell you of her innate abilities. Some would say art like this is not something that one can learn, this is a talent that you must be born with in order to do it this well. Cienega has been called a "photographic lyricist" and she feels that art is alive everywhere she creates it and there is a need for her to sing with her hand and eyes. She states," I sit and paint my version of my photo, my hand interprets what my eye sees deep inside the shot. To me THIS is my ART and my HEART turned inside out, capturing the beauty of what has been created in this Virtual 3D World by its many talented gods 'Their Creation'. What a wonderful talent Second Life® has assembled. It truly is worth capturing & hanging on a wall."

Date : October 24, 2008 (Friday)
Time : 5pm SLT

Monday, October 20, 2008


It has already been some days ago since I visited the sim “Lost World”. I received the landmark a while back from Kiya Mc Mahon, and, although I had not much time, went there for a short visit. Immediately I noticed the beauty of this sim, the details of the ruins, the virtual nature…. I only had the time to take a shot at one spot, but was already convinced that I had to return to this beautiful place, to take more snapshots.

I posted that first picture already some weeks ago, and noticed the nice comments on that picture, which made me decided to return as soon as possible.

As I am almost every day online, but not that long, I had to see that I could be there at a quiet moment, with not too many IM’s.

I was able to take lots of picture, but even than, did not had the possibility to turn every stone upside down. Again I was fascinated by its beauty, and I must admit, I maybe made the best picture ever, until now. I let you decide of course, but I am already pleased with the comments on these series.

I f you are an explorer of the sims, and want to see another great build, made by lolmac Shan, just follow this link….

Kiya also build a gallery on this sim, with various pictures of some of the best artists in SL. Worthwhile to check this out too.

To see the series of "Lost World" on my flickr stream, you can follow this link.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Avatrait brings the art of second life to global art event.

Press Release

Evanston, IL “ 10/16/2008“

AVATRAIT, the leading advocate of the emerging genre of "Digital
Impressionist" art from the virtual world of Second Life, is excited
to be a part of the Festival della Creativita as well as being featured
in the Rinascimento Virtuale exhibit focusing on the art of virtual worlds.

The Festival della Creativita, an international art event being staged
October 23-26, 2008 in Florence, Italy at the historic Fortessa da Basso,
and various satellite venues. In its third staging, several hundred
thousand attendees are expected, all enjoying hundreds of events,
exhibitors, and the presentations of over a thousand artists and speakers.

The Rinascimento Virtuale exhibit is a gallery show focusing on the art
of virtual worlds, which will be featured at the Museum of Natural History
of Florence from October 21, 2008 through January 7, 2009.

Greg Houston (Track Hax in Second Life), the founder of Avatrait, will
be making a presentation during the Festival at the launch event for
Rinascimento Virtuale, detailing the growth of "Digital Impressionism",
how the Avatrait Gallery arose as the premier site for this emerging
genre within S.L., and how they have bridged the real and virtual worlds
by bringing this new art to a wider real-world audience.

Avatrait artists will be both represented by printed images in the show
and via a video production which will be a program element of the art fest.
All of the Avatrait art featured in Rinascimento Virtuale will be donated
for a charity benefit at the conclusion of the exhibit. In another first,
a hardcover book, AVATRAIT: From Second Life® to Florence, is being
released the week of the Festival which will both detail the birth of this
exciting new genre and document the works of 47 of the Avatrait Gallery
Also being announced this week is the new Avatrait web site, which offers
its users free art uploads, social networking, and retail options.

The Avatrait Gallery is on the web at and in can be
found in Second Life at
The book, AVATRAIT: From Second Life® to Florence, is available for
direct order at

Friday, October 17, 2008

KOINUP's new SL places Directory

Press release KOINUP

You are invited to join Koinup and place your favorite locations from SL in their Places Directory. The newest feature allows members to upload a photo of a location and its slurl in order to share with fellow members some of your favorite sims inside of SL. You can visit the site in order to see what locations are already listed. The Places Directory is one of the fastest growing features of Koinup. Koinup members are quickly realizing the importance of such a directory and using it to discover new sim openings. Photographers are using it to find lovely photographic landscapes and event planners are using it to help spread the word about upcoming events.

There is a Coolest Places category ( ) and if a location is listed there it means that many viewers have chosen that particular location as their favorite, thus helping to make that location become part of the Coolest Places category. Presently, there are more than 1,000 wonderful places shared on the Koinup site. Members find the Places Directory very helpful due to it being used to help them discover new locations to visit. Sim owners are the ones who are really reaping the benefits from their sims appearing in the Places Directory. Many sim owners are beginning to use the Places Directory as a promotional tool to promote their sims. If you are a sim owner and you place your sim in the Places Directory it can help to drive traffic to your sim and help you reach a different target market that you may not reach without using Koinup. The rapid growth of Koinup's Places Directory proves that members are interested in new locations and events. All they needed was a place to go to find it and Koinup has offered that unique element within its growing list of features. Koinup invites you to visit and share your 2nd life.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Great Virtual China Wall

I recently visited the great wall of China in Second Life, on the Mao sim. This is a fabulous build, and I also discovered that there were some Belgians involved in this project!

In fact, Amiryu Hosoi has also her shoulders under other projects, such as the Hosoi Ichiba. Hosoi Ichiba is an Asian-themed market surrounding a meditation garden located on a traditional Asian-themed island called Virgin Island in the Second Life virtual World . For sale are Japanese and Chinese antiques, furniture, artwork, and other interior decorating elements, together with buildings and building components that can be used to create an authentic Asian environment. I have not visited this sim yet, but it will be one of my next stops for sure, but you can already visit their blog.

I also met Nani Yifu at the wall, and she was so kind to invite Gwendolyn, who was with me at that time, for a trip on her flying carpet around the sim.

I really admire these people for their skills, as the result may be seen!

As usual, you can see more pictures of this beautiful sim on my flickr stream, but also in the flickr group of Hosoi Ichiba.

Busy weekend

I had a nice long talk yesterday with Patrick Hufschmid, the designer and builder of RL and SL guitars, and lately, as you could read in my previous post, SL watches. The difference between all the watches, which can be found in SL, this one is really something.

He has updated his product already, as he is constantly trying to improve, which is remarkable. If you turn the watch (the side on your wrist), you can actually see the watch working. Amazing!! Don’t ask me how he did that. This is not just a copy from a picture and put into a watch. This is so much more.

If you don’t like the color, just change it, if you don’t like the light, just turn it off.

It is quality stuff, as we are used to see from him.

Since this weekend, I have also my own photo studio on Dream beach. Not big, but just enough to have the work done properly. I have installed a white room, where I can rez nearly anything, and post process the images later. I also put a CW studio, with lots of poses and backgrounds. As being the CYD photographer, I had lately quiet a few photo shoots, and this studio can only make the work easier.

Thank you Hellboy, for giving the opportunity!

After the September show at the Avatrait gallery, which was a big success, I am already preparing myself for the next show. So, keep tuned, I will inform you when and where.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Need to know the time?

Some time ago I wrote an article about Patrick Hufschmid (PatrickHufschmid Beaumont in SL), a well known guitar maker in RL as well as SL.

As he lives in Switzerland, it would almost be normal that he designed a watch with menu for SL.

I was not a bit surprised when I saw his product, as this is a watch, illuminated with different possibilities and a real time! You can adjust the hour and even the minutes, as it is very accurate, what else could you expect from a Swiss made watch?

Every artist I know in SL, who plays with a Hufschmid, is really excited about it, so I am convinced you would too with this watch.

Even if you have RL company and are looking for a business gift, this could be a real opportunity to have you own name written in the watch.

As I did not have the time to check all possibilities, I would suggest surprising yourself by buying this watch and check it out yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Can you imagine talking to someone, and then suddenly look at your make clear the conversation is taking too long? LOL

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Golconda, the Vampire sim

I have visited the SIM Golconda several times. Every time I found something new to take pictures off.
It is a French community of Vampires, based on the World of Darkness, living and role-playing.

"The vampire that walks the World of Darkness is an undead creature. It is a former human being that has undergone the "Embrace" of a vampire, being completely drained of blood and then fed some by his sire, a vampire who has turned a mortal into a vampire through the embrace." ,so we learn from Wikipedia.

"Vampires strive for a Nirvana-like state called Golconda. This vague concept, encompasses salvation, redemption, a mastery over the vampire's bestial urges, and a high degree of Humanity; effects might be to lose the need to drink blood or even a return to a human state. Vampires in Golconda spent one blood point in a week, they are immune to the effects of Frenzy and Rotschreck and can raise all Traits and Disciplines up to 10, ignoring their generation limits."(wikipedia)

As all know, blood is truly vital for vampires. "When a vampire does not have any more blood in its body, it falls into torpor and cannot be reanimated unless someone feeds it with blood or a period of time has passed." That is why you need to wear a tag on this sim, to prevent yourself of being sucked out from one of these "creatures".;)

Everyone knows the stories of the vampires of course, but to give you a good impression, you need to visit the sim and try to discover every corner, turn every stone...

You will be able to find more pictures on my flickr stream, as usual, but also on the stream of one of its residents, Siobhan Watanabe, with several pictures of the beautiful vampires..;)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Newbie Dorm

Picture from Tymmerie Thorne's blog

Tymmerie Thorne and Jerremy Darwin started with a noble idea. They offer a place to live, with all the help necessary that they can get, for newbies who are less than 90 days old. They called the place “Starting Point” and can use some advertising about this initiative, so that everybody knows what to do when they bump into a newbie.
Remember the first time you logged into the world? No one there to help, not knowing where to go, just trying a bit of this and a bit of that. I remember my first step….it was finished before I knew I was even online.;)
I logged in with my recently made avatar name. Landed on an island back then, in the middle of other newbies, all look alikes. What is the meaning, what should I do now, I was thinking to myself. I saw the button “fly”, so I tried that one, and yes, I flew around, above all other newbies….untill suddenly I couldn’t move forwards or backwards anymore. And the next thing that happened was a crash…;) I did not know at that time that that would be a daily adventure;;)
But knowing that there would be a dorm, and all the help from insiders, that would made the life of a newbie so much easier, even if there is a help island.
At this place I could get all the information I would need during my first 90 days on the grid. And I would have a place to live!!
I volunteered to be a “helper” in this group, meaning when there are questions asked in the group IM, one could easily give a direct answer. You could be a “helper” too…..
IM Jerremy or Tymmerie, or give a comment on Tym’s blog post here and here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meet the artist at Avatrait

On Sunday was the first “Meet and Greet” with Looker Lumet at the Avatrait Gallery. Where I expected that no one would show up, I was more than pleased to see how many people where interested to talk to the artist. And not just anybody, no …., some great artists as well……Mecca…Cienega…Taff Nouvelle…Kiya McMallon and so many others.
The questions asked by those visitors where not only greetings like :How are you? and How have you been?, but more direct art questions. How do I put up a scene for the pictures? How are the techniques for particular pictures? How do I manage the lighting in the pictures?

Even after the foreseen hour, people were dropping in the gallery. And afterwards, when I already left the building, comments were coming in IM.
I have to say, that I never expected this success, and I am already looking forward to the next” meet the artist”.;)

Last night I have visited another gallery in SL, at Cetus, with art from Winter Nightfire, an artist from San Fransisco, who showed her digital work to me.
I only met her at my opening at the Avatrait gallery, but it seems that I have not heard the last of her. Maybe even an exhibition…..from Looker…at Cetus?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Virtual nature at its best.

Some days ago I visited a sim called “Hollow Forest”.
Arriving on the spot you get the idea of being in the middle of a swamp, that is why the title of some pictures is called that way. The fog over the water…and with the right “Windlight” settings you really can make an amazing view on that small lake.

This forest can also be the perfect background for elfins or faeries scenes.
It seems that builders are really improving their skills lately, because there are now many nice forest sims, a virtual nature where you get a real good feeling and almost real life experiences. The mushrooms and all the details are made with real passion, I must say.
This is certainly a place to visit, and to discover the beauty of the other world.
More pictures are and will be seen on my flickr stream.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some thoughts

I only said yesterday, that I did not had the time to surf around. What did I do this a bit around the grid...checking my offline flickr stream...;)
That having done I remembered a blogpost by Prad Prathivi. I think I have been too long in Second Life.;)

"You know you’ve been in Second Life too long when..

1. You’re browsing webpages and you Alt-Click to get a closer look at an image.

2. Someone calls out your avatar’s name and you respond.

3. You start typing “/me” in a text message or on MSN Messenger.

4. You start using your favourite gestures in the real world.

5. You accidentally write down your avatar’s name on an RL form

6. You see a pink ball and a blue ball in a store, and think how funny it’d be to put them on a bed.

7. You google your real name and get nothing, and then you google your avatar’s name and get a dozen pages.

8. The word “cyber” becomes synonymous with sex.

9. The first thing you do in the morning is open the laptop and check your email for offline messages, then check your Flickr/Koinup/Blog for comments.

10. You’re on an airplane and think how it’d be funny to suddenly stand up and scream “ZOMG - SIM CROSSING!!!!!” to the astonishment to other passengers.."

The only problem that I have now is, that I've been too long away from my blog. I tried to include the link to Prad's post, but did not succeed...haha. It is time for me to pick up the pieces, I think.

Update......finally I managed to include the link.;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dream Beach

Ok, I don’t know if anyone still reads my blog, but I am going to try to write now and than about Looker Lumet, as I remember that was requested by some of my readers.

This blog started as information on what was happening on the grid, and not specifically about me. But, as I don’t have the time to surf around all the blogs anymore, I will inform you what is happening with Looker Lumet, about his activities and discoveries.

As you will probably know, after reading my previous posts, Looker Lumet had a very important gallery opening last weekend. Once a month a new SL artist has the opportunity to have an exhibition at the Avatrait gallery, which is not exactly unknown, as it exists for more than a year now, and also sells SL pictures in RL. In fact, Avatrait will be part of the exhibition in RL, in Florence, Italy, at the end of October, with some pictures of SL artists. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the opening and meet Track Hax, the man behind Avatrait, as I have other obligations in RL.

But, back to the opening last Saturday, Looker can be very happy, looking back at the results. I only hope that this isn’t THE highlight of Looker Lumet’s career in SL, but only a starting point to more success.

The way to achieve that, is trying to make better art, better pictures, and become known by many other avatars, who did not hear about Looker until now.

And this future will all start at Bahia Beach, not only homeland of the “Dreamers” and thus mine too, but also the base of CYD Records and a gallery.

Almost daily, the “Open mic” stage is reserved for performances of SL music artists. For many of those, CYD Records is a welcome support to have their career a push forward.

And Looker Lumet happens to be the official photographer of CYD records…..:)

The gallery is also situated on this sim, right next to the building where I live. SL art, as well as RL art will find their way in this exhibition space. The intention is to have all the best artists in SL featuring on a monthly base. However, this still needs to be worked out. Rome was also not built in one day.;)

The combination of the gallery, the two stages, one at the gallery and one for the open mic, the beach, the different small “islands” makes this sim a beautiful home for dreamers. And that is why it is called: “Dream Beach