Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The AjaxLife interface

It has been quite some time that I was trying out the AjaxLife, a web based viewer for the Second Life, made by a teenager Katharine Berry. It must have been from July, and it was, at that time, difficult to log in, and when you were in, it was pretty basic. But it was, and still is, amazing to see what this youngster had accomplished.

Now AjaxLife 0.1.1 has been released, highlights include inventory item giving, the lack of constant rotation, and the beginnings of inventory organization. She has even put up an issue tracker, to improve her interface.
I thought it was going to be a quiet death for the AjaxLife, and to be honest, I did not checked it out since then. She found herself some important sponsors, giving her the possibility to go ahead with her development, which is great news for this talented young woman.
Back in November she posted “The End”:

Following proof that there is nothing left for me in SL, both from an earlier discussion and a recent event, I’ve decided to go out entirely…… I’ve cancelled my account. AjaxLife development will stop, and the public service will be terminated.”

But after only four days she has put the AjaxLife back online, and it has been working ever since, and as mentioned before, with some generous donations, she will be able to continue her work.
So, being convinced that we did not see the last of her, and encouraging her to improve the thing that she started, I will look forward to what she has still to offer in the near future.

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