Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dazzle, a new "First Look" viewer for Second Life

Who is saying that there is no progress in the development of Second Life?

Well, Torley announced a new first look viewer: The Dazzle viewer. It is not that much difference as the regular viewer, but it should look a bit better, it will improve Second Life’s appearance, which makes the UI (User Interface) more accessible and pleasing. And that is what we are all interested in, isn’t it?

These are the goals for the new viewer:
  • Improve visual appearance with modern UI graphics and icons
  • Improve discoverability through expanded use of iconography
  • Improve approachability with a lighter, friendlier color scheme
  • Improve legibility by using dark text on light backgrounds
  • Document technical limitations of current skinning capabilities

Now, as you could read, it is a “First Look”, so it means it can be improved, and is just a try-out. Don’t shoot Linden at once, when there are bugs.;))
This “Dazzle” viewer is supposed to increase the usability, and can be used, for now, next to the regular viewer, so you will be able to switch from viewer.
Take a look at the official blog and, and if you are interested to try it out, you can also download it from the blog or here.

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