Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Premiere of "The nine deaths of Alex Black"

Last Sunday there was the long expected and first machinima of the “Alex Black” series of Noelani Mahana.

It seemed as if we were in Hollywood, LA, with the screening taking place at a replica of the Chinese Theater. Of course there were not that many people, otherwise we would have crashed and seen nothing.;P
All the actors came one by one over the red carpet, in their finest dresses and suits, to the entrance of the theater, where the public, already arrived before the actors, as it is suppose to, were waiting for them.
Noelani, walking nervous from one place to another, having the looks of Halle Berry for this occasion, gave a small introduction, before the movie started. Luckily for us, not all the seats were taken, so we could stretch our legs, without disturbing our neighbors.;)
This machinima is suppose to be the first in a series of “The nine deaths of Alex Black”. Seeing this first one, I have to admit that it was something we are not used to see from the grid, even with moving lips and mouths when the actors were talking.
There was unfortunately one minor thing, a technical error, which always could happen, and which always will occur when it shouldn’t, and where I can imagine that Noelani was about to freak out, when the last part of the machinima was frozen on the screen, and only the sound was to be heard. It seemed that there was something wrong with the upload of the files. But, finally, Noelani has taken care of it, and uploaded the files to the net, so that everyone can see this first original and really impressive made machinima from Second Life. I think Noelani deserved a break now, before starting or finalizing the second part, but, we are already looking forward to this next part.;))

And after the screening there was a party......

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