Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What a weekend !!(3)

Please give me a third life!!
The weekend was too short for me. I had a lot on my agenda, but was not able to attend all events that I had planned. As you could read in my previous posts of last week, there were some events where I had to be.
First on Friday there was the rehearsal for the opening of ArtProject 08, also the PQE event started on Friday. On Saturday we had the continuing of the PQE Festival and the opening with orchestra of ArtProject 08.
On Sunday I had to attend the Mardi Gras party from Raul Crimson, but at the same time, I had to be present at the premiĆ©re of Noelani’s series “The nine deaths of Alex Black”
And, due to some technical problems, which was not foreseen of course, this screening took a bit more time as expected, and so I had not the chance to attend Raul’s party. Damn…
And if that is not all, I have to do some photo processing in the meanwhile too, as it is my job in SL…;)
We are talking about Sunday night, having a lot of pictures on my hard disk, no time to process them, need to get some sleep, as those Americans think that the European residents does not need some sleep, ;)), and looking forward to another working day in RL. Yes indeed, I have a RL life too, for those who should think I live like a zombie.
So….on Monday….I was thinking…..the hell with everything. No blogging today, no pictures today…just taking a break after a stressy, but oh so fun weekend in SL.
And now, I am thinking….should I take another break? Should I continue with my blog, with my pictures?
I started today to read my favourite blogs, pffffft, so many posts…..I did not even know where to begin. And just when I thought, I give up, I read an article that could enlighten my SL a bit, if I have to believe what they say, and if everyone is willing to do the same.
Zippora started her spring cleaning after reading Dandellion’s blog.
So, I will follow….why not….we all want to have a cleaner SL, don’t we? Now, all I need is the time to do it..;)) to clear my inventory without destroying my house..;) hmmm Freg, does that ring a bell?;)

Now that this weekend has passed, there are some people who will be glad, to see that there are some hours free again to spent some time…in SL and RL.


Freggeltje Food said...

Hey Looker,

Ja dat laatse wat er in uwe tekst staat doet bij mij een belletje rinkelen...maar was het zo niet dat jij tijdens 't trekken van foto's t huis ook aan diggelen had gezet?!? lol
We hebben toch maar geleerd voorzichtig met alles om te gaan..zodanig dat we de volgende keer beter uitkijken voor we aan iets beginnen :))

Grtjes Freg

Zippora Zabelin said...

Lol Looker, you've found the ultimate excuse for staying up late: blaming our American friends... *looks at her friendslist* hmm 2 out of 20, is not going to work for me ;-)

Looker Lumet said...

Yes Zippora, you may be right, it is a very cheap excuse, but it is a fact that SL never sleeps, and that the events continue all night long, despite or we, Europeans, should get some sleep or not.
But do you hear me complain? Noooooo, ;)))

Tymmerie Thorne said...

We Americans are pretty sleep deprived, too. *Yawn* Although, I admit that events are timed much better for us. What a wonderful thing it is that, across the world over, we SL'ers like being with each other so much that we exhaust ourselves to do it. Like new lovers!! Solution? We *all* move to Australia.