Monday, February 11, 2008

What a weekend!!(4) Crash Life!

It was quiet busy for me in SL lately. I had three photo sessions during this past weekend, and I can assure you, that it is no sinecure to have those photo sessions with Windlight.
I wrote these past days about my crashes, well…..there is still no improvement. And to hear from other residents, it is not only me, who crashes frequently. I even got the name “crash pilot” from one of my friends.
So now I, hereby, officially, change the name of “SECOND LIFE” into “CRASH LIFE”. It will be a new grid, where everyone is having fun by crashing. The latest contest is to have the most crashes in the shortest time. Let me say that it helps when you crash immediately after you logged in. You loose all your IM’s, but, if you are lucky, can recover the note cards.
You can also try to attend an event, with a lot of people, we knew that already…but to compete in the contest, it is certainly recommended. ;) You see people around you crash, people who can’t move, who are stuck in a piece of SL decoration. Ooohh…it is fun to be on the grid.
When you do a photo shoot, be sure to take your shots at the highest possible resolution. When you take your first shot, and if you are lucky, you already crash. And than, trying to return on that same spot, oh boy, what a fun. First SL tells you that they are making a restart at the sim…so you try again…to find out that you will not be able to log in for another 5 minutes. And that happens frequently. So my other avatar is becoming handy these days.;)) pfffft

In fact I was happy this weekend that the sun was shining, ….that spring was in the air. It was relieving to get rid of the stress from SL in RL. Where it used to be the other way around, where SL is suppose to be a way of diversion from RL, these last days were really relaxing in the warmth of those first sunbeams. I enjoyed taking pictures outside, but regretted that I could not move my camera, as I was used to in SL.

But finally we got through this weekend: I did not crash in RL, and am hopeful that Linden Lab will find THE solution to have a pleasant stay on the grid with Windlight in the near future. What else can I do? I need to have faith, or I can better stop right now.


Joonie Jatho said...

"Where it used to be the other way around, where SL is suppose to be a way of diversion from RL, these last days were really relaxing in the warmth of those first sunbeams....."

Looker, I have felt the same way lately. I have spent hours in SL, escaping RL. Now I want to escape SL! Where do I go? Is there a signup fee for Crash Life? oh..I have that already. Where is the SL I once knew!? LOL

Looker Lumet said...

Join crash life for free!! Limited offer! .....Just kidding.;)
I know, when you are so long on SL, there are some moments that you are bored, that you don't know what to do anymore. I understand that. But, I am sure, that after a while, you will miss it, and come back with a bigger hunger than before. But it is not love that you need to seek, it is friendship. Friendship in SL is so much more, because you have it from a lot of people. Love, usually is with one other person, and when that goes wrong, there is nobody left.....