Monday, February 18, 2008

What a weekend!!(5)....without crashing!

Sometimes you have to say it, and admit it.

Thank you LL!!!!

Indeed, there was a new update this weekend of the Windlight First Look viewer, and, even before I clicked the upload button, I noticed they had fixed my bug, where I was telling you about last week.
Although I don’t think that they had it fixed due to my entry on my blog, it was probably a coincidence .
After having another photoshoot on Saturday, I can say that it helped. I didn’t crash all the time, but encountered another problem……I had no clouds anymore, the water had no reflections. I was wondering if I was logged into the Windlight viewer, which I was after checking. I did not made much out of it, and assured myself that it was probably me, who was doing something wrong, or my PC, which could not support the WL or something like that.
But being disappointed, I investigated it more thoroughly, and found out, that with this update, you lost all your settings, which wasn’t the case with the previous ones.
After all, I found out about the settings, and I have my clouds back.;))

By reading the post on the official Linden blog, I noticed a lot of complains, which I don’t understand really.
It is understandable that people are disappointed when something does not work properly, but it is stated many times, that the Windlight viewer is still in Beta phase, so only a test viewer, where you can expect a lot of bugs.
Having confidence in LL is really the only thing to do, with reporting the bug you experienced, and waiting for this bug to be fixed. Instead of complaining on the blog after a new update, it would be wiser to report the bug on the Jira. In that case LL would have a proper overview and tracking device of the current problems.
Apparently there is only one person in all these comments who stands up for LL, and is responding to comments of residents. You can guess what happens with somebody who does that…..indeed…. Although she is trying to help, and she is right…it is only a “first Look” viewer with still many bugs to fix.
She, Lina Pussycat is her name, did mention a rather annoying thing though , which I found very disturbing too, that the IM’s are not flashing but instead lighting up….. Since you cant really tell easily when you got a new IM. And I already noticed that people were thinking I was ignoring them!!!
I appreciate the efforts she is taking to respond to all those residents who find it worth it to attack LL, instead of reporting it, and wait patiently, how annoying this even may be. Just turn over to your regular viewer for a while, like I did, till the problems are solved.

Patience eventually pays off !! (don’t know if this expression is used in the English language);)


Zippora Zabelin said...

Hey, I'm happy for you, but hmmm... I'll miss the flashing blue rectangle in the lower right corner, saying "Looker Lumet online, Looker Lumet offline" ;-)

Looker Lumet said...

I think you still will be seeing those Zippora....;)