Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where Art meets Artist.

I had several jobs to do in SL last weekend. One of them was the photoshoot of Syl Darcy, who has her RL paintings brought over in her own SL gallery (Broadway Live West (227, 111, 46). As I had many crashes (as mentioned in my previous articles), and that the results were not that satisfying to me, I had promised her to make some of the pictures over again.
During our photoshoot, she guided me through her gallery and showed me her paintings.

“I am fascinated with the effects of light and shadow. Many of my paintings incorporate strong contrasts, shadow effects, or mystical effects captured by applying thin layers of colour, one over the other. I enjoy listening to people as they view my work. Most comment on the soft colour tones, and the quiet feeling of peace created in my images. Although I sometimes work in oil, my
medium of choice is definitely acrylic." said the Florida Artist in the 7th Issue of Reveal.
Unfortunately I had not the chance yesterday evening to comment her paintings as I was busy trying to focus on my job, between the known crashes, but it is a good initiative to bring RL art into SL. And that inspired me to turn things around. Why not bring art to the artist, instead of the artist to the art.
I took a picture of her latest work, a painting of the beautiful coloured world of Tuscany, and put the artist, her avatar, in her painting, trying to maintain the beauty of the painting and trying not to disturb the view and the colours. It had to be, once again, one view, one piece.

"Art is a language we can all speak and it knows not the bounds or restrictions of our
lives. Art is uncontrolled and breathing. Separate from us, yet it has the ability to become a part of us forever. As an artist, I am an interpreter. This is my goal, to understand,
perceive, and touch your soul. I capture the moments in time we cherish and give them back to you in dreams on canvas" said Syl, and I tried to translate that very same feeling through my pictures of her during the photoshoot.
Although the purpose of the photo session was in a total different aspect, I thought that this piece of art, with herself in it, was a perfect translation of the photography in Sl combined with the painted art to what we call SL Art.

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