Monday, April 7, 2008

The future: Will the virtual world be indispensable as e-mail?

I was trying to find some info about the virtual world conference, and came across some interesting sites.
I was more looking for some reports about the two discussions I was referring to in my previous post.
First I started to check Cory Ondrejka's blog about "Virtual Worlds 2008". He was surprised to see how constrained the virtual world has become.
"Technology is just enabling us to take incredibly bold steps, to connect people in entirely new ways. From 3D camera technology to spatialized voice to novel interfaces to mobile to augmented reality, we should be ready to embark on the next exponential curve, building on everything learned from Second Life over the last 8 years."he said on his blog.
"...I know Linden is going to continue to be bold. I am shocked that none of the competition is."

Dusan Writer, who visited the "Virtual Worlds 2008" too, wrote a post about the discussion of how to make the brands work in the virtual world. Well, it is certainly all about advertising. Anthony Van Zyl, managing director of Simuality and Slippcat, a company with a "different view" on advertising, was one of the speakers.
"With the Slippcat system - all control is put in the hands of the user. The user (consumer) has no obligation to click on an object. They are not being forced to stare at ugly billboards, noisy television sets or any other form of push advertising. With Slippcat the user can choose to pull information from an object - and even then they can choose what degree of information they want from an object."wrote Anthony in a comment after reading Dusan's article.

Just as Cory, Anthony sees a lot of potential in the virtual world, and is even comparing it with the current use of e-mail. This means the virtual world would become a part of our RL. And that is exactly what I have always thought, and that is exactly why I am interested in the virtual world.

Not everyone seems to be on the same level, not everyone believes all the stories told on the conference.
Of course you will always have the pro's and contras, but nevertheless, these conferences will bring new thoughts to all important players in this market, and will eventually lead to a increasing popularity, better technology, and more stable virtual world. It is not about advertising alone, but it will all have it's impact in the development of the virtual world, on how it will be part of our lives in the future.
And the thought alone, that I was already there from the beginning, is really amazing.
I am glad to be there, as, looking back to my school days , when the pc was still not integrated, I did not had a clue, that the pc would be that important in our life.
Recently I heard from Winter about a parent, who's son was on the grid, and saying his dad would love to hear a Virtual Floyd concert, but did not even know how to put on the pc. Can you imagine that?
I surely can not imagine a world without pc, and within a couple of years, without a virtual world....


dandellion Kimban said...

Yes, probably virtual worlds will be part of the life of any Internet user in the near future. But, that doesn't mean that web as we know it, twodimensional flatworld, will be deprecated. Some things are better done in just two dimensions. having an avatar to read e-mail is not unnecessary, it is too complicated.
And, we are one huge step far from having virtual environments a regular Internet experience. We need standards and openness for virtual worlds. Having just one company supplying one server with closed code is not a way to go.

Looker Lumet said...

you're right dandelion, the two are complimentary, and I don't believe either that one company supplying one server will be the solution. Therefore we speak of the virtual world in general.