Saturday, May 10, 2008

Emvee Cuba

Thanks to my friend Raul Crimson, I found out about another sim that I did not see before. And it is another opportunity to compete at a contest. Why not?
The textures on the sim are so real that I will visit the sim more than once. You always have other thoughts once you visited a new place. So, maybe after a few visits, I will see what I need to see to make that one great shot.
You can see some of my pictures here on my blog, but there will be more to see at my flickr stream.

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Ribbons Whitfield said...

Breathtaking. Interestingly, a group of us were sitting around about two months ago asking what had not been done that NEEDED to be done. Cuba was one of those SIMs that needed done well.

So pleased! Thank you for sharing!