Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photo Contest

Avatrait Gallery is sponsoring a photo contest for the next two weeks. "Avatrat Photo Contest: Hottest Action Couple"

So you think you got what it takes to be SL's hawtest, rockinest, action packed couple? Got the guns, the katanas, the clothes, and the poses? Prove it to the original HAWT Couple from NoR!!


1. New Work
2. Has to be two people in the shot. Female/Male, Male/Male or Female/Female.
3. Has to be taken in NoR at the Remembrance Sim. (Please give a shout out to HeroineNouvel Dagger if she's online she will tp you over )􀀁

4. Has to be submitted on your flickr stream and in the Avatrait Gallery group with the words, "Avatrait Gallery Hottest Action Couple" in the tags.
5. Two submissions allowed, one from each person that is the couple. You have to be in the picture if you are submitting the work.
6. Deadline is July 23rd @ 5 pm SLT! (no exceptions)

1st place, 10,000 linden
2nd place, 5,000 linden
3rd place, 2500 linden

The winning images will hang in the gallery until the next featured Contest!

If you do not have a flickr account, you can open a free account at

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