Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Press release

Evanston, IL “ 07/15/2008 “

Simuality, LLC is very pleased to announce the next
generation of the "beta" release of their virtual
world advertising product, SlippCat.

As the Metaverse continues to expand into numerous
new virtual worlds, the need for multi-platform
capable metrics became apparent.
To this end, SlippCat is now introducing an advanced
Metaverse metrics system that complies with our core
philosophy of not serving intrusive "push"-based

SlippCat, from its earliest conception, has been
intended to be as unobtrusive as possible for users
of various virtual worlds, allowing advertisers to
reach the ever-expanding virtual population with
messages, information, and services that are in
the form of a true "pull" model, where the user is
in total control of the engagement. Due to feedback
obtained in our early beta tests in the Second Life
environment, it became clear that moving to a new
metrics model would be advisable.

Along with moving SlippCat into the new phase of
development, it, along with all the other divisions
of Simuality, have made a physical move to expansive
new office spaces right in downtown Evanston, IL.
The new Simuality Center features dramatic office
layouts, meeting rooms, a gallery featuring
sister-company Avatrait's virtual art, a gym, and
a heath center with sauna,and plenty of room for
eventual growth. In addition, the new offices allow
for improved access to public and alternative
transportation modes in an attempt to reduce corporate
and employee carbon footprints.

Simuality LLC is both a full-service Metaverse
developer, specializing in "sticky" builds that offer
users activities and interaction, as well as an
"incubator" for creating virtual worlds applications
such as SlippCat.

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