Monday, August 25, 2008


A few days ago, I received a notecard from my friend , Summer Wardhani, with the information of a contest. As I was off line during the day, it was difficult to post the message, which I forgot to copy to my desktop, but finally found the time to post it on my blog. For the contestants....HAVE FUN!!!

PORTUGAL CENTER is proud to present:


The Film Festival will take place between October 9 and 11, 2008.
Exhibition of the selected movies : October 9 and 10 at 2.30 pm PDT.
Closing ceremony and award delivery : October 11 at 2.30 pm PDT.

a) Applications will be accepted from short films within the following categories : Animated Film, Fiction Film and Musical Film.

b) Applicant films must have a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 10 minutes.

c) Each Director/Producer may submit up to 3 films. Each work should include a corresponding “Credits” Note card.

d) Eligible format: FLV-Flas, MP4 and MOV. The competing films should be placed in YouTube for ease of access in-world. The corresponding http:// address should be sent to :

e) Films will be accepted into competition whether they were shoot in the metaverse or out of it.

a) Films shall be delivered until September 24, 2008.

b) Applicants shall be notified of the jury’s decision on selected works until October 2, 2008.

a) International Competition: all awards include a Golden Pixel Trophy. The jury will grant these awards to the following works : Best Fiction Film, Best Animated Film, Best Short Film (up to 3 minutes)

b) Portuguese National Competition: all awards include a Golden Pixel Trophy. The jury will grant these awards to the following works: Best Short National Film (up to 3 minutes), Best Portuguese Speaking Film.

The jury will be composed of a panel of professionals and interested personalities in the area and will be charged with the responsibility of selecting the awarded films within each different category.

a) The Festival Sponsors will included a cash award.

b) The awarded films will be exhibited during the week immediately subsequent to the Closing Ceremony.

The organisation of the Film Festival is entitled to :

a) change the Regulation as necessary. Any amendment will be timely notified to the interested parties.

b) refuse any film which does not fully respect this regulation.

c) take any decision about non-regulated issues.

Any situation excluded of the clauses of this Regulation must be submitted to the Festival Organization for evaluation and decision by means of an e-mail sent to

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Opening Gallery Dream Beach

Today, the art gallery on Isla de Bahia ( Dream Beach) will be official opened.

The RL works of Syl Darcy and Blueberry will be shown, as well as some of my SL images.
Don't miss the event, as at 11.00AM SLT, Orangelife will make us swing with his magical voice followed by DJ Greek, who will make sure that the party continues.

It must be a coincident that Orangelife sings at the opening, as he did the same at the opening of my show at Portucalis.

It is worthwhile to visit Dream Beach, and not only because of the gallery, but also will there be almost every day a performance of different great artists in Second Life.
If you like some music, if you like to see multiple artists perform, than Dream Beach is the place to be. Ask for a membership, you won't regret it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Press release
Evanston, IL “ 08/15/2008 “

Once again, an artist has sold out their show at the
popular Avatrait Gallery in Second Life. This time
it was Keiko Morigi, whose dramatic "When I Should
Be Sleeping" exhibit sold all of the exclusive
one-of-a-kind images offered. Morigi's vision
evokes a dream-like universe, where the bizarre
and the beautiful intermingle with the playful
and the stark.

Avatrait is the leading proponent of the new
"Digital Impressionist" genre, and the fact that
each new show has been selling out in-world is a
testimony to the growing demand for this art.
With the upcoming exposure at the international
Festival della Creatività , being held in Florence,
Italy this October, the popularity can only be
expected to be increasing.

It's now clear that the much-celebrated original
Avatrait Gallery space is no longer expansive
enough to meet the growing demand for its artists'
shows. As such, Avatrait founder Greg Houston
(Track Hax in SL) declared that it's time for
Avatrait to move from its home on Simuality island,
and pioneer a new "all art" locale. He presented
this concept to the Avatrait Board (a group of
well-known Second Life artists whose input is
essential to keeping Avatrait at the forefront of
SL art), and challenged them to create a fresh new
site, out of their own visions, for not only a much
larger new gallery space, but offices, lecture hall,
theater, shop, and a sculpture garden. Work has
begun on the new "Avatrait island" and it is hoped
that everything will be ready for a grand opening
before the Florence events this Fall.

The Avatrait Gallery is in Second Life at
and on the web at

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spirit of Scotland


Rannoch comes from the Highlands of Scotland.

His native land has been the inspiration for most of his work and this often reflects in the subject.

It all started one very cold winter while he was stranded by deep snow in his caravan (Trailer) on the side of a Scottish Loch. He was fixing his Motorcycle at the time, so had some tins of spray paint left all over the place. Just decided to brighten the place up with it, and… the end result was what you will see at the exhibition. He discovered he was into painting.

He was stranded for over a week, and had nothing to paint on so the furniture, what wasn’t burned, got it. Most of the Originals of these prints were done on recycled domestic furniture with tins of Graffiti paint, and some Ink.

The rest was done on Roof tiles that were under his caravan. You could say this is his old home on display.

Among his works are Logos and Album covers for the music industry, as well as corporate logos and design boards, and several commissions, but mostly he enjoys painting for his own fun.

He also makes Swords and daggers, again this is all done with things he finds and recycles.

RL exhibitions:

Smith Gallery, (Stirling), part of “Brave Art” exhibition 1997

Trading post, Royal Mile (Edinburgh)

Royal College of Phisicians , Queen Street (Edinburgh) (part exh)

Lethbridge , (Ontario).(part exh)

Now Galeria LX is proud to present his works for the first time at Galeria LX in Portucalis. Galeria LX, Portucalis (111, 81, 22)

Please join us there for a night embedded with the Spirit of Scotland.

We see more and more RL artists coming to the virtual world, and welcome them. It is wonderful to see how we can have exhibitions with RL artworks and SL artworks next to each other. This evening, August 7th, there will also be the opening of the new gallery on Isla de Bahia, Dream Beach. Syl Darcy and Blueberry will exhibit their RL works, and I am proud to say that I will have some of my works there too. Feel free to visit the gallery any time you like.;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's up?

I know I haven't been blogging much lately, due to several circumstances.
But I would like to inform you all that I am still alive and kicking, ;)

I have moved to another SIM from August 1st, and have rented a penthouse on Bahia Beach. This is a very beautiful island with a lot of performances and parties, what was not exactly what I was looking for but, but the friendship I get there can compensate it.;)

It has been approximate one year that I lived on the former Strawberry island from Coolzor Courier. Due to the fact that he sold everything in Second Life, we got a new landlord, with, of course new rules, which is inevitable.

I am preparing my exhibition in the Avatrait gallery for September, that is also why I haven't been posting a lot of pictures lately. As you know, every month, there is an exhibition of one of the members of the Avatrait Gallery. I would suggest to take a look at this month's artist, Keiko Morigi.

To be honest with you all, it is a pleasure to see, that even when I don't blog, I have daily visitors on this blog, which means that I have posted some articles in the past, which interest some people and that is why I intend to get myself together again, and try to post some articles once and a while.

I will try to update the bloghead soon, as my appearance in SL has changed too.
I hope to see you all soon, on my blog or on the grid.;)