Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some thoughts.....

I have not been writing since a long, long time now, but had suddenly the need to write something after reading Summer’s thoughts. It is not an answer to her article, nor is it a claim of wisdom. It is just what I feel, while being on the grid for more then three years now.

While some people try to compare life with beaches and waves (article of Summer W.), which are coming and going, life is most of all an experience of successive events. Good and bad ones.

Although life seems to be a stacking of negative experiences, these events should be turned into positive experiences which could be used in future events.

In Second Life, events are following each other at high speed, even not realistic in normal RL, and people are emotionally involved, because it is not the avatar who is responding but the person behind the keyboard. It is sometimes very difficult to even process all these happenings, and at the end, people have the tendency to get a moment of depressiveness, where , originally, they started in SL to step out of their RL and have fun in another, virtual, life. Meeting other cultures, other nationalities were the challenges of the new world, but are also increasing the chances of being misunderstood, due to misinterpretations, which can cause frustrations.

These frustrations are the result of trying to communicate in a different language, which, although you can have a great skill, been written with certain proverbs, and not understood properly.

It is the truth that, once something is written, the other person will read it and understand it with his knowledge of the language, which is not always his mother language, and in most cases, even not of the writer either. And there you are…..left with some words, no expression of the face, no gesture language, just words, written in a moment of unknown mood.

The art is, trying to comprehend the other person, not to upset anybody, reacting as a mature person and relativate all events in SL.

Sometimes, the best way to find a solution is on your own, not involving third parties, because other minds, other thoughts can make it all worse instead of better.


Summer Wardhani said...

Dearest Looker,

Reading your first paragraphs, I would tend to think that (again) we agree on this perspective about life. We simply give them different names, that's all - so yes, I would subscribe each and every word of yours.

As for text communication, well that made me think a bit about the subject... but it would take too much space sharing my thoughts in here so I guess I'll just write a whole post about that (totally unable to resist such a challenge, and you know that, lol)

Anonymous said...

Learning makes life sweet.