Saturday, August 11, 2007

Anti gambling policy, update by Linden Blog

As you all could read, there is an update of the gambling policy on the Linden blog. It should be an explanation on what can and what isn't allowed anymore.
"If you aren’t sure, ask yourself if your game meets the criteria in the policy: Linden dollars are paid in, the outcome is random, Linden dollars or something else of value is paid out. Ultimately you’ll need to decide if you’re comfortable that your game or activity is legal within the policy."
Ok, we can see what they mean, but I also see that there are still some questions left, and not all is very clear, looking at the comments following the blog.
Interesting thought though, on one hand the Linden dollar has no value, and now there are explaining that everything that is to be won and has some kind of value, is forbidden.
Also one in of the comments someone asked some more explanation about sploders, which is very popular among club visitors, and is not very clear apparently, if that is allowed or not.

"I would also like a definitive answer regarding sploders.
Can it be considered wagering when the object in question merely returns money that has has been paid into it, albeit redistributed?
Can it be considered wagering when you know you will be paid by the object, you just aren't sure exactly how much?
Having read and re-read both relevant blog posts, it is my considered opinion that the policy concerns itself only with situations where one would pay into something with no guarantee of any return whatsoever.
This is not the case with sploders as I noted above, but a definitive answer would be appreciated."

The Lindens' are doing their very best to explain the situation, but it seems very difficult for all of us to understand, why and what, and especially, was this new rule really necessary?


Dalien said...

I suppose the idea is to comply with the US legislation on internet gambling. The "clarification" made the misunderstanding worse than the original, imo :)

Viva transparent communications...

Looker Lumet said...

yes indeed, Dalien!