Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Changing houses

I was renting a house for a couple of weeks in Second Life, but recently Merrily and I decided to change our houses. Our old house was very small, but cosy, but we had uninvited visitors (read griefers), as we lived nearby a club, I suppose.
Now we have found a new little house, and are not yet finished to put all the things into the house that we wishes, for two reasons. The first reason is that we have not enough prims to put it all in the house, and secondly, the house is quiet big.;)
We have found a solution to reduce our first problem. We are learning to build things on our own, and maybe they are not yet the high design as we wished, but I think Merrily did already a pretty good job with the table and the seats in the living room. Even the seats have there own animation.W00t!
We were visiting so many shops, where we did find very nice things, but with too many prims that we could afford, so we decided to build on our own.
I am happy to give you already a little preview, and maybe within a couple of months, when we still rent this place, we could organize a blogger party?! Wouldn't that be great?

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Wolf Hartnell said...

It's looking really good already! Building your own furniture is fun and makes it feel much more like home too. Perhaps we too easily fall into the habit of buying furniture in Second Life because that is what we do in real life.