Sunday, August 5, 2007


Since yesterday morning I have been trying to log in to the grid of Second Life, but unfortunately, something goes wrong, I wasn't successfully so far.
When connecting I receive the message, while the bar says "Waiting for region handshake", "Unable to connect. Login packet never received by login server"
I thought the Lindens were trying something new, but apparently, after contacting some of my friends, it seemed that I was the only one to suffer from this.
At first I even did not have connection to the website. I could surf through the web, but not the specific site of Second Life.
Maybe it was a wrong installed update. So I deleted the program, reinstalled it. Nothing....
I disconnected my connection to the Internet, as I work with a wireless connection to ADSL. Plugged out everything that was to be plugged out. Reinstall. Nothing....
I tried it continuously for more than 5 hours, till I was to tired and went to bed.
This morning I tried again. Again that same message.
Is this the end to my second life? Is this the end of Looker Lumet? I hope not, but I am desperate. Is there someone between my readers who have some suggestion? Now I really need some comments of you out there!
I have some important appointments in SL, but will miss them when I am not able to log in again.
So, please, as I know, I don't have to expect support from the Lindens, because I don't have a premium account, can somebody help me out here?
And if we like Second Life? Yet I know what it is, not to be able to log in. Terrible!!


Alex Burgess said...

Ugh, that's awful, Looker. Have a look at this blog post from Juliet Ceres. Maybe this will work? (If you're not on a Mac, there's a link in the post for tricks to try on a PC.)

Good luck!

Kingston said...

Is it too late to start playing the second life now ?

Looker Lumet said...

Alex, thanks man,I don't know how I ever could thank you for this link. W00t,it worked!!
After so many hours that I have been digging and trying, just this post about the dns server did it. So easy, nothing more to it.
Sorry for those who thought it was the end of Looker, and were happy about that, but he is back, alive and kicking.;)