Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Love , to be loved, immortality.

I have been reading some blogs this morning, and I couldn't help myself to see a mutual subject in some posts. Joonie Jatho is talking about the three little words "I love you" , where she's asking herself what would those three words mean to someone else, and do they have a different meaning.
And with reading this article, I suddenly remembered the post of Tiana Meriman, where she let the world to know that she loves Zoe, which is a wonderful thing for both of them. In the comments Zoe asks herself if it is even possible to love in second life. Well, I think yes, it is possible, in very different ways although, but it is possible. And it is great to be loved by someone.
If it is as a friend, or just a bit more than just a friend, in both ways you should be thankful to have people who care.
But as we are talking about loving other avatars, what does this mean in RL? Does that reflects our lives in RL? And what would happen when in SL someone should "die", or when Second Life should suddenly stop to exist. Would the person still live through his blog, through his memory? Dalien made this interesting thought on his blog.


Nadine Nozaki said...

You can definitely love in SL. But still love in SL being the most beautiful thinks is also maybe the most dangerous stuff there is around. Love have started wars in RL it have in SL. Also as Love and emotions are harder to follow in a virtual worlds the risk of it being misunderstood are much higher.
As my big sis always says "We are all teens." Also friend ship is so much better and more valuable than love in sl. But as my brains have stated this, my heart is fully overloaded with love for my Codie.

Raul Crimson said...

I just can talk from my personal experience to say love exist in SL. Of course can be a drama think, but also can be the most beautiful thing as Nadine said.
Me and Eric, my partner, have been together the last 8 months in SL. We can say we are in SLove, but what we mean with SLove? Our RL are separated by more than 10000 km, we are really good RL friends, communicating by some ways a part of SL, in SL we share all, home, land, time, space, we are SLovers. The only thing we keep apart is our businesses. Anyway we try to help each other is business.

Looker Lumet said...

Nice to hear you commenting this article, Nadine, thanks.
Can you imagine what 8 months of love would mean in RL? I think that is far more difficult to realize in SL.
I hope you may be happy together for a long, long time, Raul.

Inex said...

When you love, you gif, when you are loved, you receive.
Love that is not answered is painful; love that is miss understood could end up in war. To love, want, gif, miss somebody you must almost know and learn and except things about each other.
No walls, no roll play, no lying. Just the right connection and then you have got the firework to go with the love. Doesn’t matter if you are blue, white, small, good looking, feeling down for a day… the love is there to come ‘Sl-home’ to.:)
When you find this love you should be grateful, because it‘s something that you experience in a dream world…. The pain and the missing is the other side of this beautiful illusion so protect that heart because when it breaks in Sl, it breaks in Rl aswell.

Looker Lumet said...

Oh Inex, I am happy to see that not only bloggers are commenting. I sincerely hope that what you are saying in your last sentence is not out of your experience.
I would not like to see your heart to be broken, such a wonderful person you are!