Monday, August 27, 2007

My second life and blogging.

It is not easy, being a blogger. Why do we blog? Most of the time because we like it, I think.
But it is hard not to look out for comments or the amount of views. And that makes life tough.
I have read several blogs from colleagues, having the same feeling.
I once said, that it won't matter if I receive comments or not, but I have to admit, even though I know I have some faithful readers, it is hard to keep on doing the thing that I am doing with this blog. I am not a writer, I am a photographer, an amateur photographer. I can not write, I just do this, because I wanted to do something new. But it takes time. Time that I don't have. I have to surf around the blogs every day, to see what is happening, to see what my friends were up too. But I can not do that every day anymore. I have a first life, as anyone else, and need to earn my living with that. And spending time during work on second life is not the way it should be done.
My main goal in second life was to have fun, to take snapshots, and to post processed them with photoshop, and in the meanwhile learning how to use this program.
Now I am busy in having articles for my blog, don't have time to post process my pictures anymore, don't have the time to even take the pictures......
So, I think I have to be smart for once, and leave this blog. Keep it open, and blog once and a while, but not frequently.
Also, if I look my articles from the beginning till now. There were not too many comments, so I believe this blog is not what you were all waiting for. It is not new, it is just another blog.
I will keep on blogging, when I want to share something, not for having my blog on top in every list.
The friends who know me, will find me anyhow, will see me also through my flickr stream, so there will not be so much difference. Except that I can spend a bit more time to my pictures, and, what is more important, to my work in first life, because I was neglecting that too much.
Thank you for your support, even though you were not commenting, I know I had faithful readers. Only this weekend, I think everyone was having a good time in first life, as they should be, instead of reading blogs.;))
I have a piece of land now in SL, I have a house, I have my friends, I have a lovely partner. That is all to it. Now focusing on my friends is the next thing to do, and having fun again.


Joonie Jatho said...

Well, I am disappointed. I read your blog all the time. But I understand about comments. Even as a fellow blogger, knowing how important it is to have comments, I didn't leave any.

Love your insight, Looker. I understand. Hope you don't abandon it all together.

Joonie :)

Looker Lumet said...

Thanks Joonie for your support.;)

Veronique Kaminski said...

anotherone bites the dust...

mmm...although I must confess that I didnt find all of your posts interesting, there were some that did draw my attention.. i think this is a pitty, but you have a plausible argument Looker. And very recognizable..

One starts with SL mostly out of curiosity, finds it interesting and fun, and starts spending more and more time on it.
And then you meet people. New and interesting people. That show you the way to other places, related to this brave new world... Flickr, blogger, name it..
So you start posting there too.. only to realize after a while that compared to the work of others, ones own work is.. spiceless...just a mass product..
So, fast forward to learning Photoshop, Blender, visiting and reporting about that latest musthavebeenandseen sim..

And the danger is that, willing or not, one gets into a kind of "showing off" competition with other residents..
Residents who DO have the time to be with SL 24/7, or do have the skills and/or training to make all this nice stuff..

But, after all, SL isnt a competition, its about having fun when RL is a bit dull. At least for me it is..

Thats why I gave up the ratrace a long time ago. Because if there is something I really like about SL, it is the fact that you have the possibility and the freedom to do allmost anything you like... but there is no obligation at all.
If you wish, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy...

So, I whish you goodbye Looker,... have a good time.. with whatever you plan to do next..
Dont forget that in SL joy comes first..

Looker Lumet said...

OOPS, Veronique, are you leaving us?;)
I did not say I was quitting, I was only saying not to spend too much time anymore on looking for articles. When I feel like it, I will post. I am not leaving SL, I am not leaving blogging, but not as frequently anymore as before. I do want to have fun in SL.
I am still trying to make some nice stuff too, and I hope some people like the things I do. The pictures in particular.
So, I do hope you still drop by once and a while, and post comments, when the article is interesting enough for you.:)
Thanks for reading and commenting!

Chloe Streeter said...

Well, I'm glad that you're making what you think is the best decision. Maybe you'll find that a short break is what you need or only posting occasionally is what works for you.

As for comments . . . don't think that because people don't comment doesn't mean they aren't interested in what you've written. A lot of things can factor in to whether someone comments or not. Recently, dial-up has been an issue for me, as reading blogs and then trying to comment takes up a lot of time.

Anyway, just make sure you have fun, and I'll be sure to keep checking back :)

Looker Lumet said...

I know it was difficult for you Chloe, that is why I appreciate your comment even more.
And yes, I also know I have some faithful readers for my blog, that is why I will keep blogging, but I have to wait and see, if I have the time to do it so frequently.
But thank you for your support, it is always good to hear it once and a while, isn't it?;)

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