Thursday, August 2, 2007

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Classified Advertisement extension in Second life

"Due to our inability to enable search for an extended time period this week, we have pushed the expiration date of every advertisement that was in the classifieds as of 17:00 PDT yesterday forward by four days. While we realize this is not of much help to those who had timed events, this does partially address our break in service. You can of course edit any current classified advertisement to be more timely if you choose.

Thank you!"

I don't work directly with the search bar, to look after possible events, but I can imagine that, all organizers of coming events in the next few days, will suffer from this.

Nevertheless I think that they will be inventive, to find other possibilities to spread the word.

But the good thing is, we are being informed by the Lindens.

Not all commercial investors have the same opinion about this, as Grey Blankes was commenting this message:"

  1. Grey Blankes Says:

    "I do have to say its nice when i dont have to pay to renew a 36,000L ad when nobody can see it…NOT this is what your supposed to do LL.

    Moreover think how long search worked but TPs were down or items were lost. I pay 785USD a month in regions alone…planning to compensate me for the innability to put the regions to their intended use in spite of your ineptitude. Yea I thought not. How about my customers, all 14,000 of them who at one time or another have been subject to random non deliveries due to a loss of communications.

    How about compensation for me? You do know that due to your failure to deliver a stable service it can cost me anywhere from 1000USD to 2500USD a month depending on the stability of SL that month. Tell me why I shouldn’t complain. Tell me where in the ToS it says you can take moen y from a customer and not deliver a service they paid for. Lawyers agree,

    “taking of money for a service that is not rendered to satisfaction despite agreements to service is subject to at minimum refund for any all all instances service was not available.”

  2. 16 Grey Blankes Says:

    I guess what I’m saying is you cant legally make someone pay for something they didn’t get no matter WHAT the agreement or ToS say.

    So what exactly am I suggesting? Prorated fees and payments for any and all durations that service is less than 100 percent available. If you think that you don’t have to do that, you may want to hire a different lawyer to draw up your terms of service. State and Federal laws provide protection for this very reason, and moreso they encompass that the laws cannot be overridden if a lawsuit was ever to be filed, making your current ToS obselete.

So let's see what will come out of this.....still confident that Linden will sort it out eventually. And probably facing a new issue, ;)

1 comment:

Grey Blankes said...

I'll say this here so you know. Feel free to contact me in world if you wish on this matter. I have consulted an attorney on the subject of non-fulfillment of service and the possibility of damages compensated.

Overall due to consistent ineptitude of Linden Labs, of which i consider failure to provide anytime search is down for more than 4 hours of any given day or any 2 consecutive hours during peak usage. Also I consider anytime i cannot conduct business such as when I can't build, script or upload, or anytime my regions are unavailable for hours at a time, thats failure to deliver service.

And I will be bringing this issue to LL attention within the week. The plan is simple, I will not seek damages for myself or anyone else if LL agrees to prorate service unavailability based upon agreed terms.

The possible damages to be filed between myself and 27 other residents that own major business within second life could total more than 2.2 million USD. LL could be in real trouble, and will be forced to address usability issues that have been ignored since June 2006.