Friday, August 31, 2007

Opening Cannery Gallery

Wednesday was the opening of the Cannery Gallery, a huge project, where some of the best second life artists' works are exhibited. Despite the late hour for us Europeans, I felt obliged of attending this opening, as Shoshana had invited me, and I couldn't say no to her.;))
Arriving at the place , and while rezzing, I saw some barrels with fire in it, before the opening of a pretty good detailed building. It was already amazing, without making one move, to see how real all looked.
Inside Shoshana waited for the quests to arrive. She tried to contact me through voice, and after a while it worked. It was good to hear the voice of one of the initiators of this happening. She has a real nice, sympathetic, American sounded voice.;))
While the quest where arriving, I looked around a bit, and noticed that the place began to become laggy. Sho told us that there were already 52 people at the sim, and it was only the beginning. Some colleagues couldn't move at all, and left the place. I tried to stick around, and to explore the exhibition. But it was hard, especially for making pictures. After a while I gave up, I couldn't move anymore, and tp'd myself away.
But I am sure, I am returning. This place was so beautiful, never seen anything like it in SL.
And I advice you to do likewise, as this event will go on till November.

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