Thursday, August 2, 2007

Surfparty at Strawberry

Every Wednesday, Coolz0r and Spinneke, have a party with a special theme on Strawberry Island. They really try to enjoy everyone by making all events special. If it is not on Strawberry Beach, then it will be at the Spin Lounge on Sunday.
Of course you meet a lot of Belgian avatars, yet it is not a party for only the Belgians, but for everyone in Second Life.
From the very beginning that I stranded on Coolz0r's beach, he had the idea for those beach parties, and he has made it perfectly. When the weather in Belgium is not that great during the summer, you can dream on his island of a beautiful holiday.....
It is worthwhile to visit the island, not only for the beach parties, not only for the Sunday's Spin Lounge parties, but also for every single detail that he puts in his island. Even I have not seen it all.

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