Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1.000.000 Linden Dollar Design Contest in Second Life

In the next months visitors of the Design Me island can enter their furniture design and have a shot at one million Linden Dollars!
All residents can take part to the contest, even beginners, as there is a special building where you can find instruction video's, free objects and examples to design your own chair, table or lamp.
All visitors can vote weekly for the design of the contestants. The weekly winners have the possibility to win one million Linden Dollars in the final on November 1st!!
What are you waiting for?

Endemol, global leader in television and other audiovisual entertainment in RL, has now taken the option to further research and develop the possibilities of virtual worlds. They think this tool can be attractive to let consumers interact with their brand.
More and more, we see companies moving into the virtual world. It is not yet a boom effect, but will sure have his influences in the development of the virtual worlds.


Sand Posthorn said...

YAY ! A million lindens means a lot of VAT paid out of the in-world pocket money, hehehe

/me starts looking for all building classes she can put her paws on

Looker Lumet said...

All the information you need, can be found on the island, Sand.