Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogger Party October 21st

Last Sunday, the monthly blogger party wad held at Codie's place. Code herself and Vint Falken were hosts. This month's theme was "Robots".
As soon as I arrived at Code's Lounge, on the top of the roof, one could already see what this month's theme was. Some of the colleague bloggers had really made some efforts for this occasion, as you can see in the snapshots, taken that evening. The party started with a little bad luck. On the very same SIM, there was another party going on, meaning that the SIM was full, at a certain moment. Luckily, it was a European party, on Sunday, so it did not last very long.
Some of us may have had some difficulties getting at the party, but eventually, I think everyone who intended to come was there.
Due to the extra long party hour, we only saw mot of the European Bloggers, and not all of the Americans, only the"die hards", because they would come a bit later, when the Europeans were already gone to bed.
Thanks Codie and Vint for this wonderful party.
You can see all the pictures of this blogger gathering in my flickr stream here.
Don't forget to surf to all other blogposts of this party, as there are Raul and Alysha


Raul Crimson said...

Was nice to find you there, Looker. I want to thank too Vint and Codie for the party.
Nice pics, btw :-)

Looker Lumet said...

It is always good to see old buddies back Raul.;))
Thanks for the comment!

Tymmerie said...

I like the photos you got of me, Looker. You are fast with the camera and subtle! :-)

Sand Posthorn said...

Wish I could see who's who, hehehe. But it looks like it was GREAT fun indeed !

Looker Lumet said...

@ Tymmerie : I always try to be subtle by taking pictures.;))

@ Sand : I hope the persons will add their name in the flickr stream, as it was not easy to remember all of them as robot, ;))

Thanks for commenting!

vint falken said...

No submission for the contest? You definitely have some photographs worth competing!