Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Did you know...about the red beacon of confusion

You have certainly seen it on your screen in Second Life, the red beacon that points to a certain location. Well, if it bothers you, you can easily make it disappear.
When you visit a location a vertical red beacon appears nearby, along with a red arrow that follows you around until you walk through the beacon to make it disappear. However, sometimes the beacon is in a place where you can't walk through it, and sometimes the red arrow follows you when you teleport to a new location.
Here is the simple way to take care of this problem.
When you arrive at a location and there is a red arrow trying to point you to the red beacon, just open your main map window to show your current location. You will also see the red circle of the beacon and the yellow circle that represents you. Then just click on the yellow circle and the beacon will shift to your avatar's position and either disappear or be very close so you can walk through it and get rid of it.


Mare Novi said...

You can click on the red arrow to turn the beacon off, or click the "Clear" button in the Map.

Looker Lumet said...

Thanks for sharing, Mare.