Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Inventor Contest in Second Life

Get your invention ideas to Electrolux, because the deadline is November 1, and the contest was just announced on October 18, 2007! Your challenge is to create useful devices that solve specific challenges in Second Life. What's at stake is up to 100,000 Linden Dollars (L$s)!!!!
Electrolux is the global producer of household appliances, owner of brands as Frigidaire and Eureka and several other internationally marketed appliance brands.

If you have an idea in RL, but did not had the opportunity to develop, this SL contest could be your chance to get it all started.
Electrolux agrees that you hold all intellectual property rights and it will not disclose your product or concept without your permission. But check and double check the contest's rules and regulations before submitting.
You can submit a concept, you don't need to submit a finished product yet, so maybe, that could help to meet the timeline a bit easier.

Another company, finding its way through Second Life. Another marketing concept being exploited by a multinational enterprise.
Although the announcement came rather late, it is still not too late to submit your invention or idea and become a Linden millionaire.;))
It is amazing and I am glad to see, how many corporates are finding their way throughout the virtual world.
Are you aware that you are being part of something that will be a daily device in the future? The virtual world, where you will be able to do things, to buy things, to develop things etc........

"Electrolux Innovation Grant Program
Second Life residents will be encouraged to submit ideas for useful devices designed to solve a specific challenge. They can present ideas already in development or projects that are still in the concept phase. They can work either as a team or as an individual.
Electrolux will decide among the submissions which projects they deem worthwhile, feasible, and able to be completed. From the projects they select (a number at their discretion) they can then award them significant amounts of grant money in Linden dollars based on merit."


Ryker Beck said...

This is actually kind of cool. Of course, I have no idea what I could possibly create that would "solve a problem" really... and I'm sure that even if I could, someone has already beaten me to it... it's so hard to find something that needs making in SL!!! :P Very friggin' cool though... I'll have to give it some thought. Hmmm.

Sand Posthorn said...

Mmmm... some sort of smoke hoover that would aspire smoke directly from a smokers cigaret, so he/she wouldn't annoy surrounding pple... and also so we can stop witch chasing to poor smokers around the world ? lololol

Looker Lumet said...

Why not try to submit you idea, Sand? You'll never know!;))
Thank you?

And Ryker, eventually you will come up with something useful, only you have no clue for the moment, and later it will be too late.;)

Veronique said...

mmm maybe a machine to make maths?? to add, substract, divide and multiply numbers??

I will call it: a "calculator"

(100000 L$ doesnt make you a millionaire yet Looker :-p)

Looker Lumet said...

Waw, that is a unique invention, than we don't need to calculate anymore on a sheet of paper or out of our head!!;)
To become a millionaire, you always have to start somewhere, Veronique, and once they decided to go ahead, you will be a millionaire.!;P