Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Photoshoot Miss Second Life Belgium 2007-2008

Some time ago, Ninake Benelli won the Miss Belgium contest in Second Life for 2007-2008. Amongst the prizes, she won also a photoshoot. It took a while, but here it is, the exclusive photoshoot with the one and only Miss Belgium Second Life.

All pictures can be viewed in my flickr stream.


Veronique said...

mmm... you do only fotoshoots with the rich and famous??? or... ?

Sand Posthorn said...

/me watches the queue growing at LL studio's front door *winks

Looker Lumet said...

No Veronique, but it was a prize for the miss and first lady of honour. So you can say, I had to, I had no other choice...(happy me;))

Mmm, Sand, I don't think so, but I am not complaining though.