Monday, November 5, 2007

Did you know ...about various metrics on Second Life avatars

In RL we have regularly a list with newborns in the region with the most popular first names. Well, now you have such a list for the 50 most used and popular first names in Second Life, or even the 50 most popular last names are to be found in that list.
Do you want to find out if someone you know has his SL birthday?
Do you want to know how big the Linden family is, and what their names are? Even a member list of the famous Anche Chung Systems is to be found here.
So everything you wanted to know about Second Life avatars, but did not yet discovered, is now listed and made public.
Did you even know that there are companies who have their company name as last name, such as DutchX, PhilipsDesign, Xerox, CiscoSystems, Google and many other custom names?
Although some figures don't seem to be accurate, it is nice to found out who's birthday it actually is, so you can surprise your friend, without he/she knowing about it.
I expect that list to be very long in the coming months, or is it just coincidence, that there are a lot of my friends who came on the grid in that period?

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