Thursday, February 28, 2008

Education in Second Life.

I was talking to my friend, Dan Yapungku, the professor, yesterday and asking him how the presentation of Second Life went in his class a week ago.
Apart for having the well known SL issue’s, just when it does not is suppose to happen, and when everything was checked in front, it was okay, he said.
It seems that everyone was thinking (is thinking) that Second Life is a too much invest of time for being interesting. I acknowledged it by saying that we are spending too much time on Second Life, but that I was very happy by the things I have learned through the past year.
So, he said, it was no waste of time, but worth the investment.
He even suggested teaching mine and his wife, to have more comprehension about our “waste of time” in Second Life.;)

There are several universities all over the world present in SL, and even teaching in SL, so do you really think it is a waste of time?
From a study in Holland, it is even proofed that virtual surroundings can be a valuable
supplement on education. They continue to experiment with this project, by giving the teachers guidelines how to implement the presence of a virtual world into their educational program.

Again, we see a perfect adaptation of the technical progress in our society, being implemented in our daily life.

From one side we see companies having the virtual world as a medium for their employees, having meetings inworld etc..., and from the other side we see universities teaching students through the virtual environment.

What do you think, is being present, playing around in Second Life useful to you or is it a waste of time? Do you improve your skills of building, scripting or something else?

Are you happy with your second life? Or is it the same old crap as in RL?

What is your opinion about the virtual world?

Exhibition Galleria LX at Portucalis

I am honoured to be invited for an exhibition at the sim of Portucalis, for the whole month of March.
Although my works are already seen on different places in SL, it is for me the first time I have been asked to have a show completely dedicated to my pictures.
Thanks to my Portuguese friends, this is a real opportunity for me to show some of my works.
Feel free to drop by, and who knows, you will be able to have a conversation with me.;)) I would certainly like that idea.;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Hospital of the Future in Second Life

Virtual Palomar West in Second Life, an architectural and conceptual visualization of The Hospital of the Future opening in 2011. Powered by a Cisco Medical-Grade Network that converges information and communications technology along with clinical and building automation systems onto a single network, Palomar West will transform the future of healthcare as we know it. Palomar West is a showcase of architectural and medical technology innovations driven by flexibility for efficiency, environmental conservation, and patient and staff comfort. Experience The Hospital of the Future— today!”

The design of the hospital is modern, and the Second Life version of the hospital is a model of the physical campus that will be built (by the year 2011) in San Diego, California, packed with the medical-grade Cisco technology.
A collaborative Connected Health community uses Cisco Medical-Grade Network solutions to help improve caregiver efficiencies and enhance the patient experience.

Watch the video to see what they are planning to build in RL.

It is another piece of excellence with what they have accomplished in Second Life. And besides this application in healthcare, it could also be an opportunity for architects to visit the virtual building they have created on paper before having it built.

I'm a Chevrolet Corvette!

You're a classic - powerful, athletic, and competitive. You're all about winning the race and getting the job done. While you have a practical everyday side, you get wild when anyone pushes your pedal. You hate to lose, but you hardly ever do.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

I saw this test on Joonie's blog, and as I am working in the automotive industry, I had to take this test.
But, this is exactly the car (although not the correct model), which has always been my favourite.:))

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Looker Lumet's first experiences in SL

For over a year I am on the grid now, and was looking back to the first experiences, how I felt that time, when I logged in.

I remember reading an article in the newspaper about Second Life, and thought that it would be interesting to see with my own eyes what you could do in a virtual environment. As I am never too old to learn, I was convinced that this Second Life, could be something more than just a game, because gaming is not directly my thing.
I still remember logging in on a spot, not at all like it is now, but it was something like a hill. I looked around, figuring out what to do next. I saw some other avatars doing exactly the same, although I could not know whether they all were newbies too.
In the bar, below on my screen, I saw a button “Fly”, and I had to try that out, because the place was getting a bit overpopulated. I flew over that hill, flying further away, finding it a tremendous experience, until I could not fly any further. I was clicking my arrows, but my avatar did not move at all, and then……..yes indeed……I crashed. That was the first time that I logged in, and could not realize at that time, that the future would be exactly the same.;))
The second time I logged in, right behind the first one, I entered a different place, an orientation island, a place where a lot of people were moving, and I remember meeting a German woman, who was telling me pieces of what I could do on the grid. Unfortunately, in the middle of our conversation, she was tp’d by a friend, and she left. And there I was, all by myself, missed the introduction of Second Life, nobody to help me, as I knew nobody and remembered a blog, where there was a URL mentioned.The URL was a Belgian place ,where some avatars gathered once and a while and talked about all good and bad things on SL. It was on that spot that I was told about all the beautiful things you could do in SL, and how to do it. There were two female avatars who helped me coming through my first days, Tzeetje Grot and Deidre Flamand, the owner of the place. I still have them both in my friend list, and see them coming on line, from time to time. But more than “Hello” is not being said anymore, unfortunately.
After some days I discovered the “Humo Park”, a place created by a Belgian magazine “Humo”, and this place would become my spot to log in and out every day for a long time, as there was always someone to talk too. That was also the beginning of the group “Doornroosje”, where most of the members were visitors of the “Humo Park”.
The story about “Doornroosje” is already known, through some previous articles posted here in the past.
From being a member of “Doornroosje”, I was introduced to another Belgian, Coolz0r Courier, and I could not know by then, that he would become very important to me in the near future.
I was used to go camping for my first Lindens, and did that right after work, or during the weekends.
One day, I was with Coolz0r, owner of the Strawberry beach, and Flok, and by meaning of a little game and some joking, he gave me my first “big” Lindens. To him it were probably just a few Lindens, to me it was if I was suddenly rich. He never knew that those Lindens were really my first steps to a more comfortable life on SL. I could participate in sploder games and increase my savings. I never would have to camp anymore, w00t!!
Coolz0r changed his beach to another SIM, and that is also where my home is now located for more than 6 months.
From the friends at “Doornroosje”, only a few are left, and we see each other from time to time.
Where, at that time, I was more in contact with Belgian friends, my relationships are now more international orientated, and that is also why I started a blog in the English language, back in May. And I never regretted that…;)
The most peculiar thing that has happened to me in SL, is that I met Freggeltje Food for the first time on that Belgian place, which I mentioned I this article. She instantly offered her friendship, which I accepted. We only met once, that must have been in February or March 2007, until last August, where she asked me to do a photoshoot.

And from that time……well, that is a whole different story…;))

Dazzle, a new "First Look" viewer for Second Life

Who is saying that there is no progress in the development of Second Life?

Well, Torley announced a new first look viewer: The Dazzle viewer. It is not that much difference as the regular viewer, but it should look a bit better, it will improve Second Life’s appearance, which makes the UI (User Interface) more accessible and pleasing. And that is what we are all interested in, isn’t it?

These are the goals for the new viewer:
  • Improve visual appearance with modern UI graphics and icons
  • Improve discoverability through expanded use of iconography
  • Improve approachability with a lighter, friendlier color scheme
  • Improve legibility by using dark text on light backgrounds
  • Document technical limitations of current skinning capabilities

Now, as you could read, it is a “First Look”, so it means it can be improved, and is just a try-out. Don’t shoot Linden at once, when there are bugs.;))
This “Dazzle” viewer is supposed to increase the usability, and can be used, for now, next to the regular viewer, so you will be able to switch from viewer.
Take a look at the official blog and, and if you are interested to try it out, you can also download it from the blog or here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The AjaxLife interface

It has been quite some time that I was trying out the AjaxLife, a web based viewer for the Second Life, made by a teenager Katharine Berry. It must have been from July, and it was, at that time, difficult to log in, and when you were in, it was pretty basic. But it was, and still is, amazing to see what this youngster had accomplished.

Now AjaxLife 0.1.1 has been released, highlights include inventory item giving, the lack of constant rotation, and the beginnings of inventory organization. She has even put up an issue tracker, to improve her interface.
I thought it was going to be a quiet death for the AjaxLife, and to be honest, I did not checked it out since then. She found herself some important sponsors, giving her the possibility to go ahead with her development, which is great news for this talented young woman.
Back in November she posted “The End”:

Following proof that there is nothing left for me in SL, both from an earlier discussion and a recent event, I’ve decided to go out entirely…… I’ve cancelled my account. AjaxLife development will stop, and the public service will be terminated.”

But after only four days she has put the AjaxLife back online, and it has been working ever since, and as mentioned before, with some generous donations, she will be able to continue her work.
So, being convinced that we did not see the last of her, and encouraging her to improve the thing that she started, I will look forward to what she has still to offer in the near future.

Monday, February 18, 2008

What a weekend!!(5)....without crashing!

Sometimes you have to say it, and admit it.

Thank you LL!!!!

Indeed, there was a new update this weekend of the Windlight First Look viewer, and, even before I clicked the upload button, I noticed they had fixed my bug, where I was telling you about last week.
Although I don’t think that they had it fixed due to my entry on my blog, it was probably a coincidence .
After having another photoshoot on Saturday, I can say that it helped. I didn’t crash all the time, but encountered another problem……I had no clouds anymore, the water had no reflections. I was wondering if I was logged into the Windlight viewer, which I was after checking. I did not made much out of it, and assured myself that it was probably me, who was doing something wrong, or my PC, which could not support the WL or something like that.
But being disappointed, I investigated it more thoroughly, and found out, that with this update, you lost all your settings, which wasn’t the case with the previous ones.
After all, I found out about the settings, and I have my clouds back.;))

By reading the post on the official Linden blog, I noticed a lot of complains, which I don’t understand really.
It is understandable that people are disappointed when something does not work properly, but it is stated many times, that the Windlight viewer is still in Beta phase, so only a test viewer, where you can expect a lot of bugs.
Having confidence in LL is really the only thing to do, with reporting the bug you experienced, and waiting for this bug to be fixed. Instead of complaining on the blog after a new update, it would be wiser to report the bug on the Jira. In that case LL would have a proper overview and tracking device of the current problems.
Apparently there is only one person in all these comments who stands up for LL, and is responding to comments of residents. You can guess what happens with somebody who does that…..indeed…. Although she is trying to help, and she is right…it is only a “first Look” viewer with still many bugs to fix.
She, Lina Pussycat is her name, did mention a rather annoying thing though , which I found very disturbing too, that the IM’s are not flashing but instead lighting up….. Since you cant really tell easily when you got a new IM. And I already noticed that people were thinking I was ignoring them!!!
I appreciate the efforts she is taking to respond to all those residents who find it worth it to attack LL, instead of reporting it, and wait patiently, how annoying this even may be. Just turn over to your regular viewer for a while, like I did, till the problems are solved.

Patience eventually pays off !! (don’t know if this expression is used in the English language);)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Second Life photo contest

What does mean "Exotic" in your Second Life?
Maybe Exotic is a beach under the sun or a sensual dancer in a sexy club. Exotic could be a landscape manipulated with Windlight or just your avatar with extravagant hair!

This Contest is about the concept of Exotic in Second Life! Don't be shy, tell us what Exotic is for you and submit your photos!

You can submit your entries from February, 14 until March, 6.
The winners will be announced on March, 13 on the Koinup Blog
Read the rules to enjoy and win amazing prices!

Rules and Guidelines

If you wan to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Koinup.

The registration is free and takes a few seconds.

All the submissions in the contest must be tagged with this tag: exoticcontest
(add this tag to each one of your contest entries)

Maximum 2 entries for participant.

In the photo, you can include your avie, your friends or only the landscape.
Submissions must to be screen shots from Second Life. You can use Windlight or you can post process your photos if you like, but it's not required.

Submissions can't be photos already hosted on Koinup. So, please publish new photos.

The Winners

There will be 3 winners, and each one wins 20000 L$.
Two will be selected by our judges and one by the community!

Our Judges are the best known blogger and journalist Hamlet Au and Mario Gerosa, journalist and author of the volume "Second Life".

The community has the chance to view, comments and fav the entries... So invite your friends to visit the contest page and express their preferences!

The coolest entry, according to the Koinup Guidelines, will be the third winner.

The winners photos will be published on the Hamlet Au Blog

This announcement was found on the Koinup log in page and could be something for all of you who want to give it a shot. The prizes are not bad though, but the have on one side the jury, and on the other the community, and that is just where I have my doubts, as, if you don't have a big social network you are already on the loser's side, even if your pic is good.
But giving it the benefit of the doubt, I think I will submit two of my pictures, as I can do some effort to win 20.000L$, don't you think so?;)

Looker Lumet in the Avastar

Well, it was not really me but some of my pictures, taken at the première of Noelani's machinima last week (see previous posts) , that were published in the latest issue of The Avastar.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where Art meets Artist.

I had several jobs to do in SL last weekend. One of them was the photoshoot of Syl Darcy, who has her RL paintings brought over in her own SL gallery (Broadway Live West (227, 111, 46). As I had many crashes (as mentioned in my previous articles), and that the results were not that satisfying to me, I had promised her to make some of the pictures over again.
During our photoshoot, she guided me through her gallery and showed me her paintings.

“I am fascinated with the effects of light and shadow. Many of my paintings incorporate strong contrasts, shadow effects, or mystical effects captured by applying thin layers of colour, one over the other. I enjoy listening to people as they view my work. Most comment on the soft colour tones, and the quiet feeling of peace created in my images. Although I sometimes work in oil, my
medium of choice is definitely acrylic." said the Florida Artist in the 7th Issue of Reveal.
Unfortunately I had not the chance yesterday evening to comment her paintings as I was busy trying to focus on my job, between the known crashes, but it is a good initiative to bring RL art into SL. And that inspired me to turn things around. Why not bring art to the artist, instead of the artist to the art.
I took a picture of her latest work, a painting of the beautiful coloured world of Tuscany, and put the artist, her avatar, in her painting, trying to maintain the beauty of the painting and trying not to disturb the view and the colours. It had to be, once again, one view, one piece.

"Art is a language we can all speak and it knows not the bounds or restrictions of our
lives. Art is uncontrolled and breathing. Separate from us, yet it has the ability to become a part of us forever. As an artist, I am an interpreter. This is my goal, to understand,
perceive, and touch your soul. I capture the moments in time we cherish and give them back to you in dreams on canvas" said Syl, and I tried to translate that very same feeling through my pictures of her during the photoshoot.
Although the purpose of the photo session was in a total different aspect, I thought that this piece of art, with herself in it, was a perfect translation of the photography in Sl combined with the painted art to what we call SL Art.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Look : Windlight Viewer (issue)!!!

Good news: there is a new Windlight viewer with fixed bugs to be downloaded here.
The official Linden blog reports this new update with the list of fixed bugs, which is of course good news.
Although......I am very disappointed.
I know...I hear you all say...there he is again. Sorry to repeat it, but the bug which makes me crash all the time, is not fixed yet.;((((
I understand, you will probably not have the same issue as I have lately, but I can assure you, it is not very pleasant to crash 12 times in 2 hours.
The only thing that I can do is to blog about it and to ask your help, so that Linden will do something about it.
I have noticed that my neighbour at Strawberry, Ponk Bing, has reported the very same issue already, so, all I need to do, is find as much support as possible, to vote for this issue to fix.
As you will probably know by now, the bugs can be reported through the issue tracker, also known as the Jira Issue tracker.
The description of the failure VWR-4361 is : "On holding Alt and clicking on an object or avatar whether near or far, even myself to move the camera, I often crash to the desktop.
This appears fairly randomly, but can strike at any time anywhere. Error reports are always sent and it's happening with increasing frequency. "

Now, I would like to ask if the readers of this article would possibly vote on this issue, so that Linden Lab would notice that it is a serious problem, for me at least ;) and my neighbour, and that we would be grateful to have this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Just follow the link , be sure to log in with your SL account, and then you can vote ( at the left side of the page). It would be highly appreciated if you, my readers, would help me in this issue.
I can not imagine that only a few residents have encountered this problem so far.
Thank you in advance!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What RL thinks about having a Second Life.

“For those of you that don’t know, Second Life is a giant online video game where people can establish alternate realities for themselves. I don’t like Second Life. I don’t get the appeal of it, I don’t want to get the appeal of it, and I have open disdain for it. We were talking about a couple in class the other night that was having marital difficulties because the husband was married to another woman in the game Second Life. While it could not be considered adultery, even though their avatars were having sex online, it could be considered grounds for divorce and in some cases it has been. (And really if you haven’t had avatar sex with someone with a horses head, well I guess you haven’t lived.)”

These are the first sentences of an article posted on You can imagine that this guy, who wrote the article have never been on Second Life, or at least not long enough to realize what SL can mean besides Slex.
He is probably not interesting in web interactivity, programming, technology, and the internet in all his facets.
According the author, the stats show that the usage for second life isn’t there compared to other social networks.The TECHNOLOGY of second life might be a base for something larger in the future but right now it is just the SIMS on steroids.

But in fact the article is about having relationships on SL while being married in RL. There are so many posts about this subject, but this was an article on a blog, not related to SL, and that is what it made interesting.

“Sometimes you need an outlet that you might not be getting at home. Your significant other might not have the same interests, so it is good to discuss certain topics with people online, establish some friendships. That is totally logical, but when it gets to the point where you are getting married to another character and banging them, well haven’t we crossed the line a tad?”

And he is absolutely right, when reading those lines, it does not make sense, it is totally absurd, having Slex on the net.
But it is not the main reason why I was interested in this post. It is just another example how people, not related with SL, think about the virtual world. In fact there is only one thing that we do in SL and that is Slex.

There is nothing else to do here, or didn’t you know that?

Forget about building, creating, coding, not to mention my experiences on photoshop with the help of SL.
They might be correct by saying that the stats are not entirely comparable with other social networks, but I saw yesterday evening that there were already more than 62.000 people on the grid. So the interest is still growing, and I am convinced not only for the Slex.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What a weekend!!(4) Crash Life!

It was quiet busy for me in SL lately. I had three photo sessions during this past weekend, and I can assure you, that it is no sinecure to have those photo sessions with Windlight.
I wrote these past days about my crashes, well…..there is still no improvement. And to hear from other residents, it is not only me, who crashes frequently. I even got the name “crash pilot” from one of my friends.
So now I, hereby, officially, change the name of “SECOND LIFE” into “CRASH LIFE”. It will be a new grid, where everyone is having fun by crashing. The latest contest is to have the most crashes in the shortest time. Let me say that it helps when you crash immediately after you logged in. You loose all your IM’s, but, if you are lucky, can recover the note cards.
You can also try to attend an event, with a lot of people, we knew that already…but to compete in the contest, it is certainly recommended. ;) You see people around you crash, people who can’t move, who are stuck in a piece of SL decoration. Ooohh…it is fun to be on the grid.
When you do a photo shoot, be sure to take your shots at the highest possible resolution. When you take your first shot, and if you are lucky, you already crash. And than, trying to return on that same spot, oh boy, what a fun. First SL tells you that they are making a restart at the sim…so you try again…to find out that you will not be able to log in for another 5 minutes. And that happens frequently. So my other avatar is becoming handy these days.;)) pfffft

In fact I was happy this weekend that the sun was shining, ….that spring was in the air. It was relieving to get rid of the stress from SL in RL. Where it used to be the other way around, where SL is suppose to be a way of diversion from RL, these last days were really relaxing in the warmth of those first sunbeams. I enjoyed taking pictures outside, but regretted that I could not move my camera, as I was used to in SL.

But finally we got through this weekend: I did not crash in RL, and am hopeful that Linden Lab will find THE solution to have a pleasant stay on the grid with Windlight in the near future. What else can I do? I need to have faith, or I can better stop right now.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Virtual Theft In Second Life

Reading an article on Reuters about theft in Second Life, it seems to become really annoying for creators, who put a lot of energy in developing something, and then see how someone else is running off with their ideas, their products and, as result of that, with their money.
Those thieves are even so arrogant, that they invite the creator to join their group, to register in SL again, every time they are banned with a different name.
Millions of dollars are circulating in SL, without having a police to investigate possible crimes or laws for them to enforce.
As Second Life is a free-account-based virtual world, pirates are becoming increasingly brazen in their activities.
In the past there were already some lawsuits for similar cases, but all parties involved were based in the U.S. It will be harder to pursue when the persons or organizations are not from the States, as the example in Reuter’s article.
This person is a German citizen; who even suspect he’s being copied by a national of neither the U.S. nor the E.U.

Linden Lab Linden has a detailed page with instructions on how to file a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which provides a mechanism for copyright-holders to seek relief if their designs are copied online, but will avoid disputes between avatars.

There was recently a blog post called ”Better Than Free” written by Kevin Kelly, who is an editor-at-large for “Wired”, and lays out some interesting assertions:
“The internet is a copy machine. At its most foundational level, it copies every action, every character, every thought we make while we ride upon it. In order to send a message from one corner of the internet to another, the protocols of communication demand that the whole message be copied along the way several times….. Every bit of data ever produced on any computer is copied somewhere.

When copies are super abundant, they become worthless.
When copies are super abundant, stuff which can't be copied becomes scarce and valuable.

When copies are free, you need to sell things which can not be copied.”

He describes his eight “generatives” that he believes will be the ways in which individuals and organizations can generate value:

"….A generative value is a quality or attribute that must be generated, grown, cultivated, nurtured. A generative thing can not be copied, cloned, faked, replicated, counterfeited, or reproduced.

  • Immediacy
  • Personalization
  • Interpretation
  • Authenticity
  • Accessibility
  • Embodiment
  • Patronage
  • Findability"

Interesting story, interesting thought….

/me taking back my old typewriter, not to leave any trace on my pc, and changing the black ink lint after every article, so nothing will be traceable anymore.

Ooooh how I love the technical progress in our modern society!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Premiere of "The nine deaths of Alex Black"

Last Sunday there was the long expected and first machinima of the “Alex Black” series of Noelani Mahana.

It seemed as if we were in Hollywood, LA, with the screening taking place at a replica of the Chinese Theater. Of course there were not that many people, otherwise we would have crashed and seen nothing.;P
All the actors came one by one over the red carpet, in their finest dresses and suits, to the entrance of the theater, where the public, already arrived before the actors, as it is suppose to, were waiting for them.
Noelani, walking nervous from one place to another, having the looks of Halle Berry for this occasion, gave a small introduction, before the movie started. Luckily for us, not all the seats were taken, so we could stretch our legs, without disturbing our neighbors.;)
This machinima is suppose to be the first in a series of “The nine deaths of Alex Black”. Seeing this first one, I have to admit that it was something we are not used to see from the grid, even with moving lips and mouths when the actors were talking.
There was unfortunately one minor thing, a technical error, which always could happen, and which always will occur when it shouldn’t, and where I can imagine that Noelani was about to freak out, when the last part of the machinima was frozen on the screen, and only the sound was to be heard. It seemed that there was something wrong with the upload of the files. But, finally, Noelani has taken care of it, and uploaded the files to the net, so that everyone can see this first original and really impressive made machinima from Second Life. I think Noelani deserved a break now, before starting or finalizing the second part, but, we are already looking forward to this next part.;))

And after the screening there was a party......

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Press Release



Evanston, IL – 02/04/2008

The Italian publication of Condé Nast magazines’ Architectural Digest recently released a “special supplement” for art collectors called “AD Collectors”. The cover story of this edition was on the world of “metaverse art” and featured interviews with several real-world European galleries that have been selling pieces from virtual worlds for as much as €7,000! Even at these very high prices, their recommendation was that collectors should be taking a serious look at this emerging genre.


Of the many thousands of in-world galleries, only Avatrait was mentioned by name, no doubt because the Avatrait Gallery ( not only features virtual copies of prints for usage within Second Life environments, but also sells framed high-quality prints through the web site.

Additionally, the vast majority of the pictures used to illustrate this story (a file of thumbnail pages from the magazine and a translation of the Italian original can be found at, were artists affiliated with the Avatrait Gallery.

Avatrait founder Greg Houston (Track Hax in S.L.) was extremely pleased and surprised when copies of “AD Collectors” arrived from the Editor-In-Chief of Italian Architectural Digest, Houston was quoted: “It’s just further support for what I’ve been claiming all along, that Second Life art is something special, and is evolving into a genre all its own!”.

What a weekend !!(3)

Please give me a third life!!
The weekend was too short for me. I had a lot on my agenda, but was not able to attend all events that I had planned. As you could read in my previous posts of last week, there were some events where I had to be.
First on Friday there was the rehearsal for the opening of ArtProject 08, also the PQE event started on Friday. On Saturday we had the continuing of the PQE Festival and the opening with orchestra of ArtProject 08.
On Sunday I had to attend the Mardi Gras party from Raul Crimson, but at the same time, I had to be present at the premiére of Noelani’s series “The nine deaths of Alex Black”
And, due to some technical problems, which was not foreseen of course, this screening took a bit more time as expected, and so I had not the chance to attend Raul’s party. Damn…
And if that is not all, I have to do some photo processing in the meanwhile too, as it is my job in SL…;)
We are talking about Sunday night, having a lot of pictures on my hard disk, no time to process them, need to get some sleep, as those Americans think that the European residents does not need some sleep, ;)), and looking forward to another working day in RL. Yes indeed, I have a RL life too, for those who should think I live like a zombie.
So….on Monday….I was thinking…..the hell with everything. No blogging today, no pictures today…just taking a break after a stressy, but oh so fun weekend in SL.
And now, I am thinking….should I take another break? Should I continue with my blog, with my pictures?
I started today to read my favourite blogs, pffffft, so many posts…..I did not even know where to begin. And just when I thought, I give up, I read an article that could enlighten my SL a bit, if I have to believe what they say, and if everyone is willing to do the same.
Zippora started her spring cleaning after reading Dandellion’s blog.
So, I will follow….why not….we all want to have a cleaner SL, don’t we? Now, all I need is the time to do it..;)) to clear my inventory without destroying my house..;) hmmm Freg, does that ring a bell?;)

Now that this weekend has passed, there are some people who will be glad, to see that there are some hours free again to spent some time…in SL and RL.

Friday, February 1, 2008

First episode of Alex Black's adventures coming soon.....

It is almost D-Day for Noelani Mahana's first episode of her story: "The nine deaths of Alex Black". And it is expected to be worthwhile to see. She has done a lot of efforts to realize this project.
Unfortunately, she is facing some difficulties in these last days before the screening of the machinima. It seems that her videocard is giving her more trouble than needed. We all hope she will get it fixed, so she can finalize the movie.
If you have been reading my blog lately, you know that I was helping her out with the pictures, so she could make posters of every character. Everything has been well thought through.
The première of the first episode is planned for this weekend, but is only for invitees, as there is not too much place to have a big crowd over there.
I can't tell you all the details yet, but be sure, I will report the happening on this blog, as I will be playing "paparazzo" at this occasion.
She has found a replica of the Chinese Theater, where this première venue will take place, on Sunday, February 3rd.