Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Virtual Worlds Marketing

In a previous post I wrote about the "Virtual Worlds 2008", and the discussion about advertising where Anthony Van Zyl, was one of the speakers. I introduced Anthony Van Zyl as being the Managing Director of Simuality, the sim where Avatrait Gallery is part of, but also Managing Director of Slippcat.
Slippcat is a new company, which is in fact an exclusive 5-year license, with Simuality and Code4Software, creator of virtual worlds metrics app V-Tracker.
SlippCat is a market platform designed to take "the strengths of the Metaverse, immersive environments, in-depth user engagement, and virtual economies, to build Empowered Engagement(TM), a "pull" approach to message delivery where the user is in control of how much information they're exposed to, while still building relationships with participating brands." Code4 founder Jared Freeman will also join Simuality as its CTO.

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