Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Press release

Evanston, IL “ 07/15/2008 “

Simuality, LLC is very pleased to announce the next
generation of the "beta" release of their virtual
world advertising product, SlippCat.

As the Metaverse continues to expand into numerous
new virtual worlds, the need for multi-platform
capable metrics became apparent.
To this end, SlippCat is now introducing an advanced
Metaverse metrics system that complies with our core
philosophy of not serving intrusive "push"-based

SlippCat, from its earliest conception, has been
intended to be as unobtrusive as possible for users
of various virtual worlds, allowing advertisers to
reach the ever-expanding virtual population with
messages, information, and services that are in
the form of a true "pull" model, where the user is
in total control of the engagement. Due to feedback
obtained in our early beta tests in the Second Life
environment, it became clear that moving to a new
metrics model would be advisable.

Along with moving SlippCat into the new phase of
development, it, along with all the other divisions
of Simuality, have made a physical move to expansive
new office spaces right in downtown Evanston, IL.
The new Simuality Center features dramatic office
layouts, meeting rooms, a gallery featuring
sister-company Avatrait's virtual art, a gym, and
a heath center with sauna,and plenty of room for
eventual growth. In addition, the new offices allow
for improved access to public and alternative
transportation modes in an attempt to reduce corporate
and employee carbon footprints.

Simuality LLC is both a full-service Metaverse
developer, specializing in "sticky" builds that offer
users activities and interaction, as well as an
"incubator" for creating virtual worlds applications
such as SlippCat.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Koinup contest presented by Twilight

I would like to tell you about a contest that Koinup is hosting and Twilight is presenting.

I came up with the idea, rules, and awards of the contest. Basically from July 8th to July 18th photographers can submit their work to Koinup on the theme of “Lifestyles.” I wanted to give people the opportunity to present the different styles of living they have encountered or do themselves partake in within Second Life.

There will be seven winners: one jury winner and six community winners. The Jury winner gets an article in the November 1st issue of Twilight Magazine (delayed time due to the magazine being release quarterly now) and also their own exhibit of about 20 photos in the August 9th opening of Twilight Gallery. This August 9th opening will hopefully be the largest ever as we will be having it at our new gallery on its own open spaced sim. The Community winners get their photos in Twilight Magazine and also on display in the main hall of Twilight Gallery during the month of August.

More detailed information can be found at this website: This includes, criteria, and submitting.

Belmakor Pintens
Twilight Gallery Owner
Twilight Magazine Editor

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photo Contest

Avatrait Gallery is sponsoring a photo contest for the next two weeks. "Avatrat Photo Contest: Hottest Action Couple"

So you think you got what it takes to be SL's hawtest, rockinest, action packed couple? Got the guns, the katanas, the clothes, and the poses? Prove it to the original HAWT Couple from NoR!!


1. New Work
2. Has to be two people in the shot. Female/Male, Male/Male or Female/Female.
3. Has to be taken in NoR at the Remembrance Sim. (Please give a shout out to HeroineNouvel Dagger if she's online she will tp you over )􀀁

4. Has to be submitted on your flickr stream and in the Avatrait Gallery group with the words, "Avatrait Gallery Hottest Action Couple" in the tags.
5. Two submissions allowed, one from each person that is the couple. You have to be in the picture if you are submitting the work.
6. Deadline is July 23rd @ 5 pm SLT! (no exceptions)

1st place, 10,000 linden
2nd place, 5,000 linden
3rd place, 2500 linden

The winning images will hang in the gallery until the next featured Contest!

If you do not have a flickr account, you can open a free account at

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I was informed that there was a new website of "". I had to check that out of course, and I liked what I saw. It has a clear overview of all possibilities, except that I was looking where to find my blog, was a little bit difficult. I found it under "MMORPG Blog Directory".
As I was ranked with a 8.5 a few weeks ago, I had to see where I was ranked in general.
I can not help it...even when I don't blog I want to be in front...;)
What appeared? I am ranked 6th, out of 92 blogs in this category. After the "Official Linden blog" , "Second Life Herald" and "SLOG" blog, but before "Torley Lives", who is ranked 10th.
I wonder how the blogs were ranked in the first place, but I have to admit that I am flattered, and is in fact a confirmation that I can not stop this blog.
So I ask my dear readers to be patient, until my workload in RL has decreased, so I can start with fresh energy to maintain my position in the virtual world blogosphere.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

You were perhaps wondering what is happening with Looker?

In fact, nothing is happening, don't worry. I just am so busy in RL, that I can't keep up with SL lately. I don't have the time to read blogs, to take pictures, to post process them.

I apologize for not being able to keep you informed what is happening on the grid.

I participate at the SL5B for the moment, but did not had the time to write a short article about it.

I hope I soon will have the time to post some articles again, as I used to do.

In the meanwhile, if anybody is interested in a nice island, contact me!!