Friday, August 10, 2007

Awards Photocontest NEW MARDES (2)

Yesterday evening there was the virtual distribution of the awards for the photo contest, at the Vacature SIM in Second Life.
The three winners were present , although I was a little bit late, due to login problems (again). it took me a half hour to get in. Luckily for me AnnSophie did wait for me, and so did Vint and Loki, who were the first to arrive at the place.
I assume that everyone was a little bit thirsty, or could not wait to start dancing, as the actual handing over of the prices was done in a few minutes. Congrats to all contestants again!
And afterwards, well......yes.....there was a party with again, a contest, for best dressed male and female. And who won..........yes indeed, again Vint falken and Looker Lumet.
Nice organisation though from AnnSophie, Vacature and I hope it will not be a "one time" event.

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