Thursday, August 9, 2007

Did you know...

......that, just as in RL, a divorce is more expensive than a marriage. If you want a partnership in Second Life, you can send a proposal to another avatar, but a real partnering, will cost you 10 L$ each. If one of the partners would like to divorce, it will cost him/her 25L$.
So you see, Second Life reflects more and more RL. :-)


Dalien said...

They should add up the account balances and inventories and split them in half (randomly for the inventories, so preferrably the left shoe ends up in one, and the right shoe in the other one). :D

Then it would be a pretty realistic deal.

Otherwise... I'd say it is still quite unreal :)

Looker Lumet said...

Maybe they should go with a marriage contract to split up the balances and inventories afterwards.:)