Monday, November 19, 2007

Sports or Miss Belgium Second Life?

Last Saturday there was a football(soccer) game between Belgium and Poland. Belgium lost with 2-0, which was not really a surprise.
What was a surprise, to me anyway, is that on Saturday, I had a record of views on my blog.
When I checked "Google Analytics" today, I expected a lower quantity of views during the weekend, which is normal, but what did I see? An extremely high number of views on Saturday ( 4 times more than usual). When looking at the content that was viewed, I could see that the article with pictures of Miss Belgium Second Life was definitely successful over the weekend.;))
When checking out the origin of the views, it seemed that for more than 75% came from Poland.
Even on Sunday, most viewers came from Poland.
Apparently, my blog had a link on "", which is a website for sports in Poland.
I don't know how, I don't know why, but it I think that Miss Belgium Second Life had more success in the weekend , than the Belgian players in Poland.
At first sight, I even did not made the link to the football game, but there is no other explanation.
And to be honest, I am also more interested in pictures of a miss, than to watch a football game of Belgium now a days, so I can understand their interest. But what is strange, is that this blog was to be found on a sports website. Thank you Poland!;))
If you did not read the article yet, please follow the link to the article and this link to the pictures.


Sand Posthorn said...

mmmm... bout time to launch a Mr. Belgium contest ? :)

Bella March said...

I have the same phenonemon Looker ! I see a massive increase of Polish visitors, some of them almost downloading my complete archive. I didn't understand the sudden interest in me, until I read your post. How football can affect a non football minded girl ...

Looker Lumet said...

Ha ha, strange , isn't it? What are they interested in? Why now, when there is game scheduled? What has Second Life to do with sports?
We will never know, I am afraid.