Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am a knight !!

I have been posting in the past several articles about "Doornroosje", a place where it is good to be, where you can have a chat, where you can dance, where you have a laughter. In a few words, the place to be, if you like to be among friends.
After a lot of things that happened in the past, Doornroosje is finally ready again, but still not finished, as long as EagleWolf keeps the inspiration to build.
There were some quarrels with the neighbours, who did not like the dance floor, in the middle of the island, before the castle, and wanted to see Doornroosje leave. But they don't know EagleWolf.
His mastermind figured something out. There is still a castle of sleeping beauty (Doornroosje) but he put the castle upon another "castle". In this second castle he built a dream place for everyone of us.
When you open the door of the castle, after you have arrived at the harbour, you enter the big building, where you can go upstairs to the main castle, or you can got to the theatre, with his dance floor, bar, chat corner.....
Upstairs you will find a cosy garden for the romantic souls among us, and behind the waterfall you step into the cellars of the castle.
This is of course only a preview. Everyone is already invited, but I will post later some details of the theatre and the other facilities.
EagleWolf has asked me to become a member of the board of Doornroosje, and I accepted immediately. It is even an honour to be a knight of this group.
We will do our very best to make this place, a place to be for everyone who need a good time and laughter once and a while,who need a dance, or a chat among friends.

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